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How To Keep Snakes Outside

The more common animals like squirrels, raccoons, and mice are what we think of entering our homes when the weather turns cold. But have you thought about snakes too? Not known for their friendliness, we have a few tips for making sure they stay away and out of your house this season. Here’s a few ways on how to keep snakes outside. 


How To Keep Snakes Outside

Their Homes


One of the best ways to deter snakes is to not give them anywhere to hide or live in. That means removing overgrown weeds, dirt mounds, or trash that may look appealing to a snake. They will try to find any spot to hide and curl up in, and it doesn’t have to be large either. Let me ask you this? How are you heating your home during the colder months? Do you have a fireplace that uses wood logs? This is a perfect place for a snake to lay eyes on, and it will be quite the surprise when you go to grab the next log.


Seal, Seal, Seal


You guessed it! Get outside and survey the house for any possible entryways or cracks that they could slither into. It might be a bit of a pain, but that will be nothing compared to a snake getting into your home and worrying about what to do when you come face to face with it. Take a look at the foundation and go to work. This will also be beneficial in keeping the heat in your home and deterring any other animals that might be lingering around. 


Layers of Protection


Another layer of protection is to arm your house with a repellent. Different animals react differently to smells, spices, solutions, and more. Usually pungent ones do the trick for snakes. Consider getting a mixture together of cinnamon and clove oils to keep those snakes away. 


Worried about a snake entering your home or already had one in there? Shumaker Animal Control can take care of all of this, stress free. We have the team, experience, and equipment to humanely remove snakes and more from your Maryland home. Our website gives details of all the services we offer, so browse around our website for all the details!


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