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  • Snake Removal

    The snake is probably the most feared of all the reptiles. So it is no surprise that people tend to freak out when these slithering serpents invade their homes. Snakes can be found almost anywhere – inhabiting Asia, Europe, North… Read More

  • How Animals May Be Getting Into Your Home this Spring

    This spring be aware of pests that may be entering your home. According to this article there are common ways that animals get into your home. This can possibly be prevented if you know how they enter. Mice only need… Read More

  • Rabies in Foxes

    Foxes have been very prevalent this year for residents in the area. Today we are going to discuss the different signs of rabies in foxes. Rabies is a viral disease and as this articles describes, it has some very easy… Read More

  • Health Risks of Mice in your Home

    Besides the annoyances that a mouse infestation can cause—there are also health risks involved to exposure of both the mice and their droppings. As this article explains ridding your home of mice can prevent health issues. A disease known as… Read More

  • Foxes in the neighborhood: now what?

    Today I want to discuss an issue a neighbor recently discovered: a red fox that had taken up residence in the neighborhood. This is not new, nor is it necessarily a bad thing. Foxes usually stay hidden from humans while… Read More

  • Call Us When Animals Try To Use Your Home for Shelter from the Cold

    Working in Columbia, MD in February can be very rewarding, however it can also be extremely cold up on a 32 foot ladder. Today it’s 28 degrees and windy with snow on the way! Squirrels are trying to find a… Read More

  • Pest prevention is best

    We stumbled upon this article from This Old House about nuisance animals invading homes. They break down dealing with problems into three basic solutions: poisoning, trapping, and preventing. We agree with what the article says and want to augment its… Read More

  • Not all nuisance animals come inside

    When animal pests invade a home, it’s a problem. However, even if a nuisance animal doesn’t make it indoors, it can still cause a problem. Sometimes animals can die on a family’s property. Whether the animal was hit by a… Read More

  • Other pests associated with animals

    When a nuisance animal makes its way into your home, it’s not the only pest that’s invading. In many ways, the other things accompanying the animal are more dangerous to humans. Animals often have fleas, lice, and ticks buried in… Read More

  • The problem with poisons

    When homeowners suspect they have animal pests in their homes, they often resort to poisons. We believe in humanely trapping and relocating nuisance animals, because both they and the homeowners can live happily as long as it’s not under the… Read More

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