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3 Easy Stages
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  • Pest prevention is best

    We stumbled upon this article from This Old House about nuisance animals invading homes. They break down dealing with problems into three basic solutions: poisoning, trapping, and preventing. We agree with what the article says and want to augment its… Read More

  • Not all nuisance animals come inside

    When animal pests invade a home, it’s a problem. However, even if a nuisance animal doesn’t make it indoors, it can still cause a problem. Sometimes animals can die on a family’s property. Whether the animal was hit by a… Read More

  • Other pests associated with animals

    When a nuisance animal makes its way into your home, it’s not the only pest that’s invading. In many ways, the other things accompanying the animal are more dangerous to humans. Animals often have fleas, lice, and ticks buried in… Read More

  • The problem with poisons

    When homeowners suspect they have animal pests in their homes, they often resort to poisons. We believe in humanely trapping and relocating nuisance animals, because both they and the homeowners can live happily as long as it’s not under the… Read More

  • Something squirrely in the chimney

    Following up on our last post, another reason animal pests enter homes is just by accident. Squirrels in particular have been known to fall down uncapped chimneys. Once they’re in the home, they’re eager to get out, and that’s when… Read More

  • Why animals invade homes

    Many people who call us why animal pests enter their homes in the first place. The easiest though not complete answer is, “because they can.” Most of the time there’s an open space in a home, and any open space… Read More

  • Rid the rabid animals

    When we covered the diseases that animal pests can bring into your home, we focused on a couple lesser-known ones. Of course, the well-known disease that animals, especially raccoons and bats carry, is rabies. TheCenters for Disease Control have devoted… Read More

  • Other damage animals can cause

    Recently we looked at the damage that animals can cause in the home arising from leaks through the holes they create. We’ve also discussed the health problems they can cause by contaminating food, drink, and other materials in the home…. Read More

  • Are there animals in the attic?

    When we tell people what we do, we’re often asked how homeowners can tell they have animals living in their attics. It’s actually not too hard, and Humane Society summarizes the signs of pest invasion in your attic pretty well…. Read More

  • Pest disease dangers

    We’ve pointed to the structural damage that squirrels and pests can cause when they invade your house, but there are health issues as well. These animals often carry with them Salmonella and Leptospira organisms that can cause sickness and disease… Read More

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