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3 Easy Stages
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  • Don’t let squirrels stay over

    Here’s another quick illustration of how much squirrels can cost you when they nest in your home and how quickly they can do it. This client waited a week before calling for pest control or animal control. The hole the… Read More

  • The cost of not calling Shumaker’s

    Some homeowners don’t think it’s a big deal when animals enter the home or believe there’s nothing they can do about it. That was certainly the case for one client who heard squirrels in his attic but thought them harmless…. Read More

  • Pest Control vs. Animal Control

    Although the rodents, squirrels, foxes, and raccoons that invade your home should certainly be considered pests, there’s a distinct difference between Shumaker’s Animal Control and a pest exterminator. We’d like to briefly outline the difference. The pests that exterminators handle… Read More

  • Keep animals out of your home this winter

    As winter approaches, animals such as raccoons and squirrels will begin seeking a warm place to avoid the cold, and your home is a tempting target. They can chew through elements of your roofs to get into your attic, which… Read More

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