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Bat Problem

Flying BatWhere they live?

Bats live in all parts of the world but most bats are found in the tropic regions, where they can find food the year around. About 40 species of bats live in Canada and the United States.

Bats dwell in caves, attics, crevices, or other sheltered places. A few species live in trees. Bats are feared because they roost in dark habitats and come out only at night; therefore, they are rarely seen, however the bat is very beneficial to humans,pollinating numerous plants we use They are also the only mammal that really flies.

What do they eat?

Almost all bats eat insects. In fact, one brown bat can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes each night, so bats definitely benefit people! Since there are lots of insects during the summer, that is the best time to look for bats. Try looking around light poles. Insects are drawn to the light, and the bats follow them there. During the winter, when most of the insects die off, bats don’t have anything to eat. So, during the summer, they pig out and get really fat, almost doubling their body weight. There isn’t much to eat during the winter, so some kinds of bats migrate, while others hibernate.

What if they live in your home?

Sometimes the bat will make an appearance in your home. If or when this happens do NOT try to capture the bat yourself. If you are not successful, this will cause the bat to hide in places that are hard for us to find them. The best thing to do is to trap it in a determined room or area and seal any exits so the bat will not escape. After you do this, call Shumaker’s Animal Control 24 hours a day for assistance. We will come out to the residence and remove the bat as well as do an extensive search of the premises,since A bat in the house may be evidence of a colony in the attic. Bats are very helpful to our environment and they deserve our respect, but they do not belong in ours homes, we only use nonlethal exclusion methods and never will we kill or advocate hurting a bat !!

Basic Information:

Many people fear bats. Through the centuries, people have passed on superstitions, myths, and misunderstandings about bats. For example, consider the false expression ‘blind as a bat.’ In fact, all bats can see probably about as well as humans. Beliefs that bats carry bedbugs and get tangled in people’s hair are also untrue. At night, they will try to fly out a window if they find themselves in a room. Bats are usually timid. Most bats are harmless to people. However, some bats can carry rabies; therefore, bats should not be handled without protective measures.

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