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  • The Gray Fox

    Maryland is a commonly known home for Gray Foxes. They are very interesting creatures and we have a lot of cool facts for you to learn more about them! Diet   Gray foxes like to go after rabbits, squirrels, insects,… Read More

  • Winter Wildlife

    For this time of year, you either love it or hate it. As Marylanders, we’re somewhat used to the unpredictable weather and we tolerate the vast change that may come from one day to the next. Just like humans, animals… Read More

  • How Pesticides Affect Animals

    Birds   When pesticides are used to cover large crop fields, the repellents are being transmitted through the air. The sheer amount of pesticide that is used for these purposes has a huge effect on birds. When the toxins are… Read More

  • New Year, New Geese?

    In many areas of the United States, not just Maryland, geese are starting to pop up more. These animals are quite literally flocking from areas of Canada to make their stay in the United States a more permanent one. Geese… Read More

  • Groundhog Facts

    Groundhogs are one of those wild animals that are fun to watch exist in their habitat. They are very cute animals who have strong, short legs with bushy tails. They are actually part of the rodent family and are related… Read More

  • Keeping Pets Away From Your Christmas Tree

    Christmas is in about 2 weeks and if you don’t have your tree up yet, we know it will be up soon! Part of the fun of getting into the holiday spirit is decorating your home. That may include going… Read More

  • Bats Bats Bats

    No matter what type of home you have, protecting that home is essential. But how do you shield it from one of the most uncommon animals? Bats are one of those animals that are hardly around, so how do you… Read More

  • How You Can Help Wildlife Too

    Not all animals are out to get us or terrorize our houses. Most come in contact for only shelter or survival reasons and cause no harm. There are plenty of ways in which we try to safeguard our homes from… Read More

  • Opossums

    Opossums are not usually the first animal that comes to mind when we think of pests terrorizing our homes and backyards. Usually it’s the raccoons, insects, snakes, and other culprits causing the problems. And this is typically the case!   … Read More

  • Piebald Deer

    We have seen many deer in our lifetime so far, and usually they all look the same. The ones we most often spot are tan or beige with white fuzzy tails. Or if we are really lucky, some of us… Read More

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