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  • The Benefits of Shumaker’s

    People have many choices when it comes to taking care of a pest in or around their home. They can try to take care of it themselves, research online, or call a professional company. While most may take matters into… Read More

  • Animals and Their Fall Behavior

    The colder days are fastly approaching as we start to leave the summer days. We will start to see the leaves change color and feel a chill in the air. That’s how most of us recognize a change in the… Read More

  • Animals With Rabies and What You Should Know

    Rabies is an intense and possibly fatal disease, but it also can be preventable. In many countries outside of the United States, dogs are the ones that commonly carry this disease and it is how most rabies deaths happen.  … Read More

  • Bee Removal

    Bees serve a valuable purpose in the ecosystem as they help keep the environment healthy. Although however good that purpose may be, as a homeowner, you do not want bees gathering or living in or around your home. You may… Read More

  • Ending Animal Testing in Maryland

    Animal testing on animals has been a long debated topic. Animals suffer from testing cosmetic goods such as shampoo and mascara on them that contain harmful chemicals. Wildlife animals such as rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice, and many more are… Read More

  • What You Should Do If An Animal Bites You

    Most animal bites usually come from pets. Dogs and cats are usually the culprits as they are the ones most commonly found in homes. For other bites, they are usually caused by stray or wild animals like foxes, bats, raccoons,… Read More

  • Bird Removal

    Football season may be back in session, but we’re talking about the other Baltimore Birds.   We’re still experiencing pretty nice weather this time of year and people want to be outside and enjoying themselves. That may even mean turning… Read More

  • Why Choose Humane Animal Removal?

    When animals are causing issues for your home and lawn, you need a viable solution to fix the problem. At first sight of a rat, snake, or any other critter, all you can think about is getting them out that… Read More

  • All About Groundhogs

    Groundhogs are quite interesting creatures. Although mostly known for their destructive behavior, these animals are actually part of the squirrel family. Measuring up to an average of 27 inches, groundhogs usually weigh between 13 to 15 pounds including all that… Read More

  • Bats in Maryland

    Bats might not be the first animal that comes to mind when we think of Maryland. Usually that is reserved for the crab, which is certainly a popular animal in our state. However, back on the topic of bats, they… Read More

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