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  • Three Ways Squirrels Cause Damage to a Home

    Squirrels seem like a small, cute animal which might be nice to have around your property or home. They certainly don’t seem intimidating and will run away if approached by a human, as they are timid animals. However, the cute… Read More

  • Does Shumaker Animal Control Remove Dogs and Cats?

    Shumaker Animal Control provides a wide variety of animal removal services, but dogs and cats are two animals which Shumaker Animal Control will not remove. Those in the Maryland area who are looking for dog and cat removal may find… Read More

  • Are Opossums Dangerous to Humans and Pets?

    Opossums are one of the most unique animals to grace the Maryland area. They are widely known, but rarely seen due to their nocturnal nature, and are hardly happy to socialize with humans, preferring to stay hidden and only venture… Read More

  • Where Do Foxes Find Food and Live During the Winter?

    When wintertime rolls around, many animals use their own unique techniques to seek shelter from the cold weather. Even though some animals venture out into the frozen tundra in search of food, few are more commonly associated with the winter… Read More

  • How Do Rats Get Inside a Home?

    Rats are one of the most common and annoying invasive species which often end up finding their ways into homes, businesses, cars and many other places which they are not welcome in. The small creatures are adept at finding different… Read More

  • What Are the Most Common Snakes to Find in Maryland?

    There are many types of snakes found all across the United States, and the types of individual snakes vary from state-to-state. For example, snakes such as rattlesnakes are commonly found in the Southwest United States but are not common in… Read More

  • Are Bats Dangerous to Humans?

    Bats are certainly thought to be dangerous to humans, perhaps due to their nocturnal nature, scary appearance and relation to Halloween festivities. It is true that bats pose a certain safety risk for humans, even if they are not the… Read More

  • How Do Groundhogs Cause Property Damage?

    While groundhogs may look like a cute and cuddly animal, they can in fact cause serious property damage if left unchecked. The animals themselves are not especially aggressive and pose little threat to humans in a conventional sense, even though… Read More

  • How Do You Know if There Are Squirrels Inside Your Home?

    Squirrels are cute little rodents which typically live in trees and scurry around outside, collecting nuts and staying out of the way of humans. However, as squirrels look for a nice place to stay for the winter or build a… Read More

  • Where Do Raccoons Go to Find Food?

    Raccoons in their natural state prefer wooded, forested areas where they can live by a stream and eat insects, but the scavenging creatures are not found exclusively in those environments. Instead, when they venture out in search of food, raccoons… Read More

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