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Rat Problem

RatWhere they live?

The Rat species has spread to all continents with the exception of Antarctica. They are common in Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. Rats like to live where people live. They quickly adjust to the neighborhood. Rats get the shelter they need from tall weeds and grass, fences and walls, rubbish piles and abandoned appliances.

What they eat?

Just about anything! Rats can thrive on just an ounce of food and water daily, so when they enter a neighborhood and gain access to meat, fish, vegetables and grains, they will stay. Rats prefer to feed in and around homes, restaurants and businesses. But they will settle for scraps from trash bags and cans, private yards and what they find at the community refuse disposal and transfer station. What if they live in your home?

Brown Rats being highly adaptive and considered to be one of the most difficult and aggressive of all animal pests, should be addressed by a trained professional, Shumaker’s Animal Control 443-854-8072 provides removal and permanent rodent control , then seals all openings to keep other rats from entering your home.

Rats spread a variety of diseases; many of which are serious and life-threatening. Both small and large rodent species can themselves be diseased, have droppings that spread disease, contaminate food, or be carriers of fleas and ticks that transmit disease. A rat and mouse proof house is a safer, healthier family environment. Call Shumaker’s Animal Control today for your rodent control.

Basic Information:

In case anyone was wondering why rats never took off as popular domestic pets, consider briefly their association with death and disease. With a list of horrors such as the bubonic plague, hantavirus and leptospirosis credited to them, it’s no wonder people will so easily accept the notion that rats in and of themselves are lethal.

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