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Working in Columbia, MD in February can be very rewarding, however it can also be extremely cold up on a 32 foot ladder. Today it’s 28 degrees and windy with snow on the way! Squirrels are trying to find a warm place to deliver their babies and often end up in your attic. They are not pests; they’re wild animals to invading your home.

When you hear scampering and scratching, don’t wait, remember these pests are destroying your insulation, leaving droppings everywhere, and bring food into your attic which may attract rats later. Shumaker’s Animal Control will remove these pests and restore your peace of mind within 48 hours. Never underestimate a squirrel or raccoon, they can destroy your home in just a few days, costing you thousands to clean up their mess, repair the damage and replace your insulation.

We are licensed in Maryland and serve the entire state and offer same-day service in the following areas: Aberdeen, Abingdon, Annapolis, Baldwin, Baltimore, Bel Air, Belcamp, Catonsville, Cockeysville, Crofton, Edgewood, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Laurel, Lutherville, White Marsh, Nottingham, Owings Mills, Pikesville, Perry Hall, Randallstown, Rosedale, Severna Park and Towson.

Bat Problem

The Bat is the most misunderstood and unappreciated mammal in the world. Our removal process is strictly done by non lethal exclusion.

Fox Problem

The Fox is the animal known as nature’s scavenger.Removal should only be done by a professional trained to understand a fox and it’s behaviour. They are very benefical to the ecology.

Groundhog Problem

The Groundhog is the most misunderstood and unappreciated mammal in the world. Our removal process is strictly done by nonlethal exclusion.

Mouse Problem

A Mouse is a flea infested and nasty critter, that leaves droppings and urine spots all over the kitchen, causing numerous diseases. Removal of this pest is easy for Shumaker’s Animal Control. Our pest control comes with a one year guarantee against the target animal chewing through the area we patch !

Opossum Problem

The Opossum is an animal that you can live with.However if you do not want to, then call Shumaker’s Animal Control today for permanent removal anytime, night or day.

Raccoon Problem

The Raccoon is mans most unwanted house guest. Not only is removal hard to do, but raccoon’s are very dirty and may be disease infested. Raccoon’s are the number one carrier of rabies.

Rat Problem

The Rat is a down right nasty animal !! Trapping then Removal and exclusion is the only answer to completely rid your home of these and other pest.

Snake Problem

The snake is the most feared reptile. Improper removal can result in harm to the snake or person doing the removal.

Squirrel Problem

The Squirrel is the animal of destruction by far.A family of squirrels can consist of up to 9 animals.Trapping and removal of this animal is best done before they give birth. We also remove all nesting material, and feces from the attic, then disinfect the area where they were living.
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