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5 Ways Your Home Can Attract Wildlife

5 Ways Your Home Can Attract Wildlife

5 Ways Your Home Can Attract Wildlife: If you stay in an area surrounded by nature, like forests, you are most likely to have wild animals make visits to your home. Wild animals have their natural habitat in nature. So, what would make them want to get into your home? Well, your home can attract wildlife for many reasons; it’s not just because they intend to seek comfort under your cozy house. Your home may provide something they do not find in their natural habitat.

It is only natural to want to get rid of wild animals that make their way in your way. As such, many people contact professional animal control to help remove wild animals from human habitats. However, if the situation recurs and the animals return to your doors, you may question what could attract them.

Here are some ways your home can attract wildlife:

Intrigued by Pets

Pets can keep wild animals away. Cats are known to chase rats every chance they get. However, your pets can also be the reason wild animals keep coming back to your home. Some wild animals may find fascination with your pets. The wild animals may want to stay close to your home to get companionship from your pets. Wild cats, for instance, might find a reason to gain access to your home so they can get a playful time with your pet cat.


Food is the most common reason why wild animals make their way into homes. Sometimes in their natural habitat, wild animals may have food scarcity. Additionally, in the wild, competition from other animals may lead them to hunt for food further, like in your home.

Outdoor Trash

The garbage outside your house can be why wild animals are attracted to your home. Raccoons, wild rats, and mice always try to get into the trash outside to nibble on the food they find or even the little droppings. Consequently, it would be best to find trash cans inaccessible to wild animals. You can purchase trash cans that can be tightly sealed to prevent the smell from attracting the animals.

Garden Produce

If you have a garden in your home, you may have experienced your produce has been nibbled on or ruined. Fruits and vegetables attract wild animals that are herbivorous or omnivorous. Raccoons and even rats can get into your garden to look for corn and any grain at reach.

The best solution is to fence your garden appropriately, so the animals do not get access. You can also use other measures like putting up a scarecrow. Using preventative measures to keep the animals from your garden is important because if the animals get into your garden, they will get into your house with time.


It is common to see wild animals enter your homes during the winter season. Like humans, the cold can sometimes be unbearable for them. They will get closer to your home to get some warmth. It would be best to be cautious during the winter season. Closing all possible entry points can also help prevent wild animals from entering your home during.

Shumaker’s Animal Control Can Help You Get Rid of Wild Animals in Your Home

Wild animals can be a nuisance when they get into your home. You may not be able to get rid of them due to fear or lack of know-how. Shumaker’s Animal Control can help remove wild animals from your home in a professional way.

Additionally, our methods of capturing animals from your home are humane. We relocate the animals to their natural habitat and work on ways to prevent re-entry into your home. If you have pest problems in Maryland, we can help remove them safely.

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