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How to Deal with a Fox in Your Yard

How to Deal with a Fox in Your Yard

Having foxes in your yard can be a nuisance. While these creatures are friendly and playful, they can cause a serious damage to your property.

Even if these animals are related to the dog’s family, they are opportunistic wild animals that can be a scourge to homeowners. They can bring a lot of mess into your yard by digging up, preying on small animals like hens, and scattering the trash.

The Gray Fox

If you have a fox problem in Maryland, you’re in the right place. Below are the best tips on how to deal with foxes in your yard that are worth a read.

Signs that You Have Fox in Your Yard

You can easily tell if there are foxes in your yard. These animals love to dig up areas of your yard while hunting rodents or trying to get in a fenced yard. They also overturn trash cans, leaving a mess on the ground.

You will notice damaged plants and fruits. You’ll also detect a musky smell in your yard. They leave this smell behind to mark their territories.

How to Deal with a Fox in Your Yard

Install a Fence

Proper fence installation is one way of keeping foxes off your yard. Fence all the areas so they may lack space to access your yard. While fencing, you should know that most foxes can jump up to three feet high. 

Therefore, ensure that the fence is a few feet high and the gates should be three feet higher. Also, foxes are known for digging underground. Add at least two layers of concrete onto the ground before fencing to prevent them from digging and getting into your yard. 

Keep Your Yard Tidy 

Foxes are allured by open garbage they can access. By cleaning up your garbage, you’ll prevent them. You also need to invest in enclosed trash bins. They will help you put all your garbage together in an enclosed bin that the foxes can’t access.

Foxes love sheltered, shaded, bushy, woody areas where they can hide and create their den. To preclude this, clean up your yard and clear all the bushes. The lesser the bush, the safer your yard is. 

Add Lights to Your Garden

One fact about foxes is that they hate the light, specifically bright flashing lights. It would be best if you invested in motion-activated lights.

When you put these sensitive motion sensor lights in your yard, you’ll have solved a fox problem in your yard. These lights light up immediately they detect motion. So when you put them in different areas, the foxes are attracted to, or near their dens, they will be startled by the light once they move, thus making them run away. 

Install Sprinklers

Water is another thing that scares away foxes. They prefer not to get wet at all. With that in mind, investing in motion-activated sprinklers designed to frighten pests is the best option. These sprinklers are easy to install. Once a fox or other pest moves around them, they will detect and start sprinkling water. The foxes will be caught by surprise and run away.

Reach Out to a Professional Animal Control Company

Getting rid of foxes from your yard can be challenging at times. Foxes are clever, and once they detect your traps, they will avoid them. Also, in some areas, it is illegal to trap foxes. 

That’s where the animal control professionals like Shumaker’s Animal Control come in. Our animal removal policy is to humanely trap animals in live traps and then relocate them and their families to an approved wildlife management area. We will also seal all entry points to prevent future invasion. 

To reach out to us, fill out the contact form on our website, and we will respond to you promptly. You can also call 443-854-8072 to speak to one of our team members.


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