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How to Keep Predators Away From Your Garden

How to Keep Predators Away From Your Garden

Shumaker Animal Control can help keep your garden predator-free!

Are animals wreaking havoc in your garden? After spending several hours tending to your prized flowers and plant life, it is incredibly disheartening to see your hard work rip to shreds by a predator. The good news is that there are several precautionary measures to keep these pests away. If you want to keep your garden predator-free this summer season consider the following!

Install A Fence

One of the most popular methods for keeping unwanted critters out of a garden is to install a fence. There is a vast variety of fences available today. If you decide to go this route, be sure you get the appropriate height and that the one you choose is sturdy enough for your needs. For example, if deer are pestering your garden, you want to invest a fence that is tall and strong so that those big animals can’t leap over. If you are only dealing with smaller critters like rabbits, you should be fine getting something that is around waist height.

Raised Beds

Sometimes, to keep your garden safe from predators what you need to do is raise it off the ground. If animals are pesterings your garden, consider making the switch to raised beds instead of planting directly into the ground. Raised beds are essentially a garden of containers. This will make it more difficult for small animals to access your plant life. It will also keep your plants from the creepy crawlies that slither on the ground. You can make raised beds on your own by using a variety of materials. Most people opt for wood, but you can use stone, brick, concrete, or practically anything you have around the house.


There is a wide variety of animal repellents that you can use to keep animals out of your garden. Commercial sprays can be purchased at gardening stores. If you don’t want to go this route, you could instead plant particular plants as deterrents. For example, rabbits and deer cannot stand daisies or lupine.

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