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Types of Wild Animal Removal

Residents of Maryland often need to seek animal removal services. That is because Maryland is home to over 583 wildlife species – some of which might find their way into your property. If an animal intrudes on your property, you will need to find an effective animal removal method. This can get confusing as there are many types of wild animal removal. 

Types of Wild Animal Removal

Types of wild animal removal methods can be classified into two – humane animal removal and inhumane animal removal.

Inhumane animal removal

Inhumane animal removal methods employ techniques that are intended to harm or kill the animal. Some of these animal removal methods include: 

  • Use of toxicants
  • Shooting
  • Mouse and rat snap traps
  • Drowning

Humane animal removal

Opossum being released out of an animal trap


Humane animal control, on the other hand, uses non-lethal animal removal techniques. The methods used do not harm, abuse, or cause agony to the animal in any intentional way. Humane animal removal, however, requires trained professionals who understand the wild animal in question, and the best way to capture and relocate it.



Some humane animal removal methods include:

  • Use of cage traps
  • Luring using food or an odor that’s likely to attract the animal
  • Use of frightening devices such as scarecrows, pyrotechnic devices, and plastic owls

Why You Should Choose Humane Animal Removal Methods

Wild animals that find their way into your home do not often invade maliciously. They do so to find food, protect themselves from predators and harsh weather, or find a safe place to raise their newborns. Therefore, it would be unfair to kill or injure them just to keep them off of your property.

Some animals such as bats are considered endangered species and are, therefore, protected by the law. Killing them unlawfully can land you in trouble with the law, attracting large fines or even imprisonment.

Humane wild animal removal methods are also quite effective compared to inhumane methods. Animal removal professionals identify the entry points, animal pathways, and possible future entry points and seal them shut. By doing that, you are less likely to deal with another invasion in the future.

Where to Find Humane Animal Removal Methods

Sure, there are many animal removal companies in your locale. But not all of them adhere to humane animal removal policies. The best way to find an animal removal company that uses humane methods is through referrals from friends and family, as they can attest to the methods employed. You can also find humane animal removal services by:

  • Searching the internet and reading reviews from past clients
  • Contacting different animal removal companies and requesting to see their business license and insurance
  • Reaching out to past clients of the company in question to find out about the company’s practices

Learn More About Wild Animal Removal at Shumaker’s Animal Control


Over the 25 years that Shumaker’s Animal Control has been in business, we have maintained a reputation for humane animal control across Maryland. We will help you get rid of the smallest of pests to the largest invaders without harming them. 

Contact our team today through the contact form on our website or call us directly at (443) 854-8072 to learn more about the types of wild animal removal.

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