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Why You Need to Take Rat Control Seriously

Why You Need to Take Rat Control Seriously: Rats are common pests that can be a nuisance to your home. Small as they may be, rats can cause tremendous destruction. Additionally, their small size often works to their advantage as they can easily access your home through small openings. It would be best if you took rat control seriously; their presence is not the only thing that can irritate you. Rats can be problematic and can cause damage to your property and, worse still, harm your health.

Why You Need to Take Rat Control Seriously

Why You Need to Take Rat Control Seriously

Below are the top reasons why you should take rat control seriously:

Rat Diseases

Wild and pet rats can harbor diseases that can spread to humans. Rats carry germs in their bodies, which is not surprising since they move from places that are not hygienic. Once they gain access to your home, they will search for food. Rats will make contact with food for human consumption, and that is one way in which they can spread diseases. 

The CDC center lists so many diseases for diseases and pest control that can be spread directly or indirectly by rats. Diseases such as Hantavirus and Leptospirosis are commonly spread through exposure to rat urine and droppings. Rats can also cause an indirect spread of diseases through insects that have fed on infected rats. 

Uncontrollable Breeding

Rodents are known to breed uncontrollably and can reproduce hundreds of offspring throughout their lifetime. Rats can make nests in your home and create a breeding ground. It is much easier to control one rat than many because they will have formed many hiding places and escalated the damage to your home. Consequently, getting in touch with pest control is crucial when you notice any rat presence in your home. 

Damage Electric Cables

Rats are known to chew through electric cables. This can be dangerous as wires can be exposed and create a fire hazard. Since electric cables can run through places, not within your site, you might only notice the damage once it is too late. Since it is impossible and frankly doesn’t make sense to hide away all your electric cables, controlling the rodents early enough is the best shot to prevent electric fire incidences. 

Damage Walls and Floors

Rats can gnaw through walls and floors to find their way through. What will result from floor and wall damage that rats cause is constant repair. Rats have sharp teeth making it easy for them to bite through rigid objects. It could indicate rat presence when you hear scratching noises, especially at night, and site scratches on your walls and floors. 

Have a Rat Problem in Maryland? Reach Out to Shumaker’s Animal Control Today

The list of damages that rats can cause to your home can go on and on. We can not stress enough how essential it is for you to take rat control seriously. What we can do is provide you with excellent services in humane animal removal, and rats are one of the pests we can drive out of your home. It would be best to trust professionals to help you control rat problems in your home. 

At Shumaker’s Animal Control, we have a team of trained professionals who humanely trap pests that damage your home and relocate them to safe animal environments. Do not wait for rats to make your home a breeding ground. Get in touch with us today. 

Visit our website to check our services and fill out our contact form. You can also call us at 443-854-8072 for more information. 

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