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All About Foxes!

Maybe you’ve come across one or two of these beautiful-furred critters roaming around your yard or spotted their bushy tails at a park, but how much do you really know about them? We know all about foxes!

Foxes are one of the most fascinating creatures out of all wildlife. Keep reading on to find out more about these interesting animals.


All About Foxes!


What Is Their Background?

Most people do not realize that foxes are actually part of the dog family. Think of them as distant cousins. While they have many similar features and characteristics as dogs, some of the things about them are different. Foxes are the only type of dog to be able to retract their claws, much like in the way cats do. They also have distinct features when it comes to their eyes. Fox eyes are aligned vertically, whereas dogs tend to have more rounded pupils.


In Their Nature

Foxes can live in just about any type of place. They are known to live in a wide variety of locations such as cities, forests, mountains, and the countryside. In any of these areas, foxes create a spot called a den that they use as their home and shelter. It is usually a hole in the ground that is hidden under something. This forms a safe place for them if they are under attack or injured.


Sounds and Hearing

A quite interesting fact about foxes is that their ability to hear is amazing. They can even hear the quietest of sounds from far away. For example, the small sound of watch ticking is something they can hear from 40 yards away. This attribute comes in handy for them when they are looking to hunt for food and hear prey from pretty far away.


Did you know foxes make around 40 distinct types of sounds? They squeal, howl, scream, and bark which makes sense that they are categorized in the dog family. The most noticeable sound they make is a high-pitched scream for communication purposes and can be heard from very far away. 


Smarter Than Your Average

While most people know that foxes are cunning animals by nature, a lot of people do not know that they are quite caring creatures. When fox pups are born, the mother and father extensively work to take great care of them. Fox pups are born unable to hear, walk or see, and it is their job to hunt to provide food and navigate for them. They are so in tune with accommodating their young, their intelligence and adaptability is quite impressive.


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