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Can Squirrels Damage Your Home?

SquirrelsWhile the small, cute-looking furry squirrels might not seem like much of a threat to your home, it is actually imperative that squirrels are removed quickly and humanely once you know they are inside your home.

This process is so important because squirrels can cause tremendous amounts of damage to your home if left unchecked. First of all, they will chew through wood to get in and out of your home. Your cozy, heated home is a safe haven for cold squirrels, especially during the winter months and they will try to take advantage of it. As a result, thin areas of wood around your home become perfect targets for squirrels to gradually chew on and find a way into your home.

Once inside, they will constantly gnaw on electrical wires to keep their teeth sharp. The soft texture on the outside coating of the wires is their first target, and they will continue to slowly chew on the wires until they severely damage them. This is extremely dangerous, because the damage to the wires could end up causing a fire, posing a risk of electrocution for anyone that touches the exposed wires, or simply interrupt your electrical service.

Additionally, they need to go to the bathroom somewhere and they won’t be courteous enough to go outside to relieve themselves. The squirrels will leave droppings all around your attic or wherever they have burrowed into, and constant urination can cause water damage as well. When left untouched for long periods of time, these piles of waste can cause mold to grow, bacteria to pool and bring disease and other parasites.

If the squirrels are inside your home for a long time, they will begin to build nests and start reproducing as well. It is optimal that the squirrel problem is put under control before this point, because the scale and difficulty of removing all the squirrels and waste from your home only become more difficult.

Squirrels may bring leaves and debris into your home to build their nests, but most will simply scavenge whatever materials you have lying around. As a result, they burrow into insulation and will begin to steal that material and use it to compose their nests. Squirrels can reproduce inside your home, and may die as well, creating a nasty odor that lingers for a while inside the house.

Squirrels can clearly cause significant damage to any home, especially if left unchecked. They will gnaw on wood to create openings in your home, chew on electrical wires, leave waste all over your home and steal insulation to build nests.

With that in mind, if you notice a squirrel problem with your house, you need to call the squirrel removal experts at Shumaker’s Animal Control right away. Shumaker Animal Control is family-owned business that cares about your home and the well-being of the animals.

All squirrels are trapped humanely and relocated to an area far away from your home, ensuring that you never have to deal with such an infestation again. All entrance points for the squirrels will be sealed and your long-standing issues with be solved.

Contact Shumaker Animal Control at 443-854-8072 today or view more information online at http://shumakeranimalremoval.com/.

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