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Is It Safe To Leave Food Out For Stray Cats?

As a cat owner or animal enthusiast, you might feel inclined to leave food and water out for the stray cats in your neighborhood, especially during the summer heat. But despite your good intentions, leaving food outside is detrimental to the cats and all the other animals. If you are trying to decide whether or not leaving food out for stray cats, continue reading to learn more about why it is not a good idea.

Is It Safe To Leave Food Out For Stray Cats?

It might make the stray cat sick

Stray cats have been learning how to take care of themselves their entire life. As a predator, stray cats will hunt and survive off of smaller creatures, including birds, mice, rabbits, or even grasshoppers and lizards.

Introducing dry or wet cat food into a stray’s appetite might upset their stomach and make them sick. Stray cats have a raw diet, which means they are not used to eating processed meat, grain,artificial flavoring, and other unnatural ingredients.

It will attract other undesired animals

As homeowners, we all know how appealing trash can be to wild animals. Raccoons, skunks, and possums will tear open trash bags in search of food scraps.

Now imagine how appealing it would be for these animals if you were to leave out cat food. Not only would stray cats get a meal, but so would any other wild animal that was interested in the smell.

It might cause problems for your domestic pets and family

By leaving cat food outside, you will attract both stray cats and wild animals. This is not only extremely dangerous for the stray cats that you are trying to protect, but it will also negatively affect your family and domestic pets.

Stray cats are extremely territorial when it comes to food sources. If your domestic pet comes into contact with a stray cat while they are eating, your pet might be attacked. This is especially dangerous since stray cats are not normally vaccinated.

Leaving cat food on your porch or in the yard can also encourage wild animals to find a way into your house in search of additional food and shelter. This could lead to additional health risks for all members of the family, including zoonotic illnesses and diseases.

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