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Common Plants That Deter Snakes From The Garden

It is the beginning of April, so you know what that means: snakes will start becoming more and more active in the area. Generally, snakes are most active during the months of April through October, after hibernating for the rest of the year.




As with all animals, snakes play an essential role in the natural ecosystem. However, we don’t blame any homeowners from wanting to keep their gardens and yards snake-free. Luckily, there are a variety of plants and flowers that will help keep deter snakes from your property.




Snakes are not fond of strong or foul-smelling odors. Not only are marigolds a pretty yellow-orange, but they are also extremely smelly plants.


The roots of marigolds tend to grow deep, which leads to a pungent smell that serves to repel snakes and other small creatures.


Marigold flowers also have a slight astringent quality that is also believed to further deter snakes from coming near. The juice from the flower can sting slightly or even cause skin irritation when snakes creep over it.




Another common plant used to deter snakes is lemongrass. This plant is a popular choice for many homeowners because it effectively repels two annoying pests: snakes and mosquitoes.


Lemongrass produces a strong citrus smell that snakes detest. This is the same zesty odor found in Citronella candles used to keep mosquitoes and ticks at bay. For best results, plant lemongrass in combination with other plants that deter snakes.


Skunk Cabbage


Named after one of the most infamous smelly animals, the skunk cabbage is no doubt a foul-smelling plant. That being said, it also means it is extremely effective for deterring snakes.


Not only do snakes steer clear of skunk cabbage because of its overwhelming smell, but also because the plant can be toxic to animals. If eaten, the cabbage can cause burning or swelling in the snake’s mouth.


If you are not quite convinced to plant skunk cabbage, this plant is also well-known for being beneficial to humans by helping to reduce anxiety and insomnia. Just be sure not to plant the cabbage to close to your home unless you enjoy the smell of skunk.


Snake Plants


While the name might suggest otherwise, snake plants, or Mother-in-laws Tongue, are a popular deterrent for snakes. The plant is known for its sharp leaves, which snakes find threatening. As soon as the snake sees the leaves, they will turn around and slither the other way.


That being said, snake plants are the perfect plants to use as an appealing natural barrier around your yard or garden. Simply plant them all around the edges of your property and snakes will not dare cross the line. Plus, snake plants are extremely low maintenance since they only need to be watered a few times over the year.


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