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Common Snakes in Maryland

Did you know there are 27 different types of snakes in Maryland? Now is the time that you may catch a glimpse of one, as summer is when they tend to make an appearance. Summer is also when we spend the most time outside doing outdoor activities and can have a run in with one of these snakes. Luckily, most snakes here are not poisonous, but we do have two types that are! Snakes can be dangerous regardless if they are venomous or not, so we created a list of the most common snakes in Maryland for you to learn more about.


Common Snakes in Maryland


Starting Small

We are going to start our list with a snake that only grows to about 15 inches in length. The Ring-Necked snake can be found all over Maryland, especially closer to those PA lines and the Eastern Shore. They get their name from the distinct markings on their body; a yellow to cream color ring that appears around their neck and belly. Their favorite place to hangout is in damp environments. Places like a wet pile of leaves, log piles, and of course that damp basement could be where you spot this one.


Garter Snakes

The most common of them all, the Garter snake is known to be found in types of places such as meadows, backyards, forests, and marshes. One thing to note about them is they are heavily attracted to a water source, so it is much more common to find them by a river or running water. They also can range in a variety of colors like black, green, and brown. 


Off To the Races

The Northern Racer snake is one of the quickest around; their long and thin body is what gives them the ability to dash off in a split second. Brace yourselves, this snake usually comes on a larger scale, getting up to 60 inches in length! You’ll most likely have a run-in with one of these on a hiking trail or path, and as soon as you see it, it will be gone! Most of these snakes are black or have a grayish-black color.


Biggest For Last

The Rat snake. Known to be excellent hunters, this is one of the largest snakes possible to find in Maryland. You know you have come across one of these as their massive bodies can get up to 80 inches and they have black and white markings on them. Although one of the biggest, they don’t tend to be aggressive and tend to focus on going after mice and rats. They gravitate toward flatlands and some rocky areas like the Appalachian Mountains.


Not good with snakes? Our Shumaker Animal Control team is licensed and trained with over 25 years of experience in providing removal of snakes and other wildlife. The safety of our Marylanders is very important to our team. We are happy to help remove any pest you may have in a humane and professional manner. Please call us at 443-854-8072 or visit our website to schedule a removal.


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