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Fun Facts About Foxes

If you own a home or property, foxes might not be your favorite furry creatures. Foxes can be extremely destructive and dangerous to both humans and pets, but they are also quite smart and interesting. 

Two species of foxes in Maryland. 

There are nearly forty species of foxes in the world, but only two types are found in Maryland – the red fox and the gray fox.

Individuals can usually tell the difference between the two species by looking at their size and tail color. The red fox is slighter bigger, weighing between 10 and 15 pounds, whereas the grey fox weighs between 7 and 13 pounds. Additionally, red foxes have white tails, while gray foxes have black-tipped tails. 

Fun Facts About FoxesFoxes use their tails to hunt and sleep.

Not only do their tails help us identify the species, foxes also use their tail to help them survive. They have big, bushy tails that aid their balance when chasing down prey. 

They also use their thick tails as makeshift blankets when sleeping by wrapping it around themselves. 

Foxes have whiskers on their face and legs. 

Many wild animals, including mice, squirrels, and raccoons, have whiskers on their face to help them navigate. In addition to facial whiskers, foxes also have whiskers on their legs to help them navigate in tall grass. 

Foxes are similar to cats. 

Did you know that foxes are members of the dog family? Despite their ancestry, they actually possess numerous physical traits that are very similar to cats. 

They have vertical pupils that help them see better in the dark, and they’re also the only species in the dog family that have retractable claws. 

They also behave like cats when it comes to hunting prey. They will stalk and pounce on their prey when the time is right. 

Foxes are excellent parents. 

The breeding season for foxes is normally between January and March, which means they only reproduce once a year. A female fox will give birth to a litter ranging from 1-11 pups. They are born with their eyes closed, leaving them blind for nearly two weeks until their eyes finally open. 

Babies normally live with their parents in the den until they reach seven months old. During this time, the mother stays with the children while the father hunts and brings back food. 

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