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How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Apartment


Apartment life is already crammed as it is, you don’t want furry little mice taking over your space. With dozens of individuals living under one roof, there is bound to be an infestation time from time. But you can rest assured knowing mice will not be able to enter your apartment – simply follow these tricks and tips to keep your apartment rodent-free.


Deny Access


Did you know a mouse can fit through a hole the size of dime? Even the smallest crack in your apartment can serve as an entry way for these tiny animals.



Any crevices should immediately be filled with caulk or steel wood. Do not use drywall, plaster, or sheetrock – mice can easily chew through these thin building materials.


If you have screen doors or screens on your window, check for any tears or openings. One small tear is more than enough room for a mouse to crawl through.


Common rodent entry points also include poorly sealed crawl spaces and vents, so make sure your property manager or landlord address these problems as soon as possible to avoid infestation.


Keep It Clean


There are only two reasons a mouse will enter apartment buildings: to search for food and shelter. This also means there is only one absolute way to keep mice out of your apartment – keep it clean.


Mice are drawn to dark, hidden areas, so avoid keeping piles of clothes or shoes on the floor, get rid of clutter, and regularly clean out storage boxes.


After every meal, or at least every night, clean your kitchen countertops and floors. Getting rid of crumbs and food remnants will deter mice from choosing your apartment as their hideout. You should also never leave dirty dishes in the sink. After eating, wash your dishes, or if possible, load them into the dishwasher.


Use Repellant


It is important to remember that repellant is different from rodenticide. Repellent is used to simply keep mice away, while rodenticide is a chemical designed to kill mice.


If you are looking for a natural repellent to use in your apartment, there are quite a few to choose from, including peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, ammonia and mothballs. Mice do not like these strong odors, which means they will leave your place as quickly as they came.


Another great option is sonic repellers, which are designed to deter not only mice, but also ants, spiders, and cockroaches. The small device creates electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves that are not pleasant to these tiny creatures. Simply plug in to your nearest electric outlet and let it work its magic.


Have A Mouse Problem? Call the Experts at Shumaker Animal Control


If you think you have a mouse problem on your property, call the experts at Shumaker Animal Control to deal with the problem for you. Our experienced team will take care of the problem in a timely manner, ensuring that your home and pets are not in any danger.


At Shumaker Animal Control, we are a family-owned business who cares about the safety of you and your family but also about the well-being of the animals themselves. All of our trapping and control methods are humane, as we never try to hurt the angry or scared animal.


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