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Fun Facts About Mice

Mice are small rodents that lead far more complicated lives than it seems. Here are some fun facts about mice.

fun facts mice

Mice are good at jumping and climbing

Given their small stature and even smaller weight, mice are naturally very flexible and athletic. The average mouse can jump up to a foot high and a distance of two-foot. This explains how mice can climb counters or pieces of furniture in search of food or shelter.

In addition to impressive jumping skills, mice are also very talented climbers. Mice can walk along thin ropes or wire-like surfaces.

These small rodents can also easily climb smooth vertical surfaces, over a foot high. With these climbing skills, do not be surprised to find a mouse climbing up the stairs.

Mice build complex burrows

Mice do not like the cold, which is why they build burrows in the ground for warmth and shelter. But not just any burrows.

Mice are known to build complex and sophisticated burrows, complete with entryways, nesting chambers, storage rooms for food, and escape tunnels.

Rodents might seem like dirty pests, but in reality, mice like to live very clean lives. The most complicated burrows even offer separate areas for sleeping and going to the bathroom.

Mice have weak eyesight

Mice are nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight – they see best in dim light. To avoid running into objects, mice travel along the side of the wall and use their whiskers for guidance.

Mice are also partially colorblind, which means they can not see certain colors such as red.

To make up for their weakened eyesight, mice rely more heavily on their senses of smell, hearing, and touch to get around.

Mice regularly use their tails and whiskers.

A tail is one of the most recognizable characteristics of a mouse. Mice tails can grow as long as their bodies.

But their tails are much more than just for show. Mice rely on their tails for balance when climbing and walking. Mice can also stand on their two hind legs with support from their tail.

In addition to their tail, mice also regularly use their whiskers. Their whiskers are extremely sensitive and provide mice with information about changes in air movement and pressure.

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