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The Dangers of Diseased Animals in your Yard

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Are you in danger from disease in your yard?

When you have a pest in your yard, you’ve got a big problem. Many different kinds of animals carry with them the potential for spreading serious diseases. When a sick rat, mouse, bat, or other critter wanders into your property you are running the risk of catching that disease. This is especially dangerous if you have pets of your own. A dog that gets a hold of a sick critter can get sick themselves or even die, so let’s go over what you need to worry about and what you can do to help.

Problematic Pests

Mice can carry a variety of diseases that can lead to major health complications. These diseases can be spread by contact with the rodent or by inhaling dust particles that have been laden with urine or droppings. Thus, having rodents in your air vents is a serious health concern. If you have dogs or cats, they can transmit disease after biting or coming into contact with rodents in your yard. Your pets can also become sick themselves and possibly die if they aren’t properly monitored. Rats, Bats, and Squirrels can also transmit diseases if they are left to take up residence in your yard.

Signs of Sick Critters

How do you know if one of the pests in your yard or home are going to be cause for concern? Well, there is no definitive way of really knowing whether or not the animals in your yard are carrying diseases, as they might not actually show any signs. One thing to keep in mind is that the fleas that they often carry with them are going to be major transmitters of various viruses and bacteria. These fleas are often the major concern and can spread to you or your pets relatively easily. The best thing to do is to monitor your own health and the health of your pets for signs of illness or an infestation of fleas. If you suspect that there are problematic pests in your home or yard then contact us right away to remove them. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on any changes in the health of your family and to keep preventative measures in place to make sure there are no critters in your home.

Worried about diseased pests?

Call Shumaker Animal Control. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five year veteran of the animal control profession and knows how to detect and properly remove rabbits from your Maryland property.

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