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Opossums? In My Garbage?

 Opossums are essentially harmless, and rarely kill wildlife like their reputation states.

Opossums are essentially harmless, and rarely kill wildlife like their reputation states.

Whenever you see pictures of opossums, you may see them with bared and pointy teeth.  They might appear pretty terrifying to the untrained eye–they can wander into streets, live in trashcans and make a home in your backyard.  Scary, right?  Wrong.  Opossums are essentially harmless, and rarely kill wildlife like their reputation states.  An opossum is likely just in your garbage because it’s warm and safe there.  The animals wreaking havoc are raccoons and stray dogs, or even bears if you live far enough in Western Maryland.  Still, you want to keep these guys out of your trash cans, so read on to find out what to do about them.

Fact vs Myth


Opossums are actually marsupials!  Just like a kangaroo, they have pouches to house their young.  They are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plants, although their meat consists of bugs and frogs or tiny lizards.  They are not harmful to your pets.  They’re also not a species of rat, like some people may believe.  Opossums are not rodents, and they’re important to your ecosystem!


When you get too close to them, and they’ve already hissed at you, they faint.  They’re playing dead, in hopes that you’ll go away, since they don’t have much way of self defense.  This can make it difficult to keep them away from your yard, because you may be wary to move it when this happens.


How to prevent them


If you don’t want opossums in your garbage, you can do the following: invest in sealing trashcans that are difficult to open without thumbs!  Always be sure to recycle, so you don’t hurt these animals if they do manage to get in your trash, only to get their heads stuck in a container.  And never, never feed your pets outside.  This is true for all wildlife, but if you want to protect opossums, you’ll need to keep your dogs and cats away–they are far more dangerous to opossums than opossums are to them.


What to do if you have a problem


If you don’t want to remove opossum on your own, calling Shumaker’s Animal Control is what you need to do.  We’ve got 24/7 emergency service to make sure your yard is pest-free, and we do everything humanely and safely.


Call Shumaker Animal Control today. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five-year veteran of the animal and pest control profession. We are the  Kingsville rodent control experts and can help you return your house to a cozy pest-free home. If you have any questions about raccoon removal or other rodent control, contact Shumaker Animal Control by calling (443) 854-8072 or click heretoday! You can also follow us at our Facebook,  Google+,  Twitter,  Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


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