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Raccoons | 7 humane raccoon removals

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Are you frustrated about a raccoon problem at home? There are humane solutions for this type of wildlife removal, even when the raccoons are living in your attic space, under your rafters or in your basement. Similar to destructive tenants, no homeowner wants to deal with raccoon problems. When you evict them from your property, you will want to do little to no harm to the critters. Why?  Killing the wildlife doesn’t solve the problem. You can have a professional wildlife removal company live-trap the raccoons and release them elsewhere so you don’t have to harm them…a happy ending for everyone involved. 

When searching for a professional humane removal animal control company, you will want to hire a company reputable for its methods of humane removal, including cleanup and repair work. A really effective means of raccoon removal is passive removal such as one-way doors for the wildlife to leave your property but not re-enter. This works better than relocating the wildlife because the raccoons learn how to stay within their own territory. If they have their own territory to roam, they are less likely to exploit your territory. You should also ask how to remove food sources which attract raccoons and other wildlife to your property. This can include better lids on your garbage cans to keep them from seeing your home property as a food source. The right professional will also look at your home entrances to see how to keep the wildlife out of your screens, crawlspaces and air vents.

It is important to keep wildlife outside your property because they can destroy your home. They do it by chewing through materials, causing sickness via their fecal matter or physically harm you by biting. Humane raccoon removal is best because it keeps all members of your family safe while addressing the problem. Just imagine using poison to eliminate wildlife and horrifying your child or dog consumes the poison instead. Is that a risk you want to take? There are more humane ways to solve the problem, better ways. You can discuss with the animal control professional the most effective ways of raccoon proofing residential properties. Are you ready to solve your raccoon problem? Then it’s time to schedule an appointment with Shumaker Animal Control.

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