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3 Dangerous Diseases That Are Spread By Rats

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Children and the elderly are particularly at risk for diseases that are spread by rats, but everyone is vulnerable. What are these diseases? And how can you prevent them?

Rats aren’t evil; they don’t intend to make you sick, and it’s unfortunate that they have such a negative reputation.  But the reality is, rats spread disease–and this can cause big problems for your household.  Children and the elderly are particularly at risk for diseases that are spread by rats, but everyone is vulnerable.  What are these diseases?  And how can you prevent them?  Read on to find out.

1. Rat-Bite Fever

This disease is spread by contaminated food.  Rodents, particularly rats, love to raid pantries!  It’s not always clear whether or not a rat has been in your food supply, and sometimes, food near droppings can get contaminated easily.  RBF is potentially deadly, so it’s important to watch out for rodent droppings and signs of them throughout your kitchen.

2. Bubonic Plague

Yes, it’s still around.  Most people don’t worry about the plague because they think it’s just history, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The bubonic plague is most certainly still a problem, and it’s spread by rodents just like it was hundreds of years ago.  While not 100% fatal, it’s still dangerous, and you don’t want it floating around your household.  Usually, it’s spread by the bite of a rodent flea.

3. Hantavirus

It’s potentially life-threatening, and it’s seriously easy to catch.  Hantavirus is usually spread wherever there is large amounts of rat urine, and can be spread simply through proximity to rodents.  With such an easy passage to the human body, Hantavirus is just another reason why rodents should be immediately removed.

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