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Are Squirrels Good for Anything?


As we find ourselves outdoors enjoying the sun at this time of the year, we’re not the only ones keen on going outside. The majority of the wildlife is also out and about after hibernating throughout winter. One of the animals you’re likely to see while taking a stroll is the bushy-tailed squirrel crisscrossing lawns, and you may wonder if squirrels are good for anything.

What Is A Squirrel?

Squirrels are typically small rodents with slender bodies covered with soft and silky fur whose color tends to vary from species to species. These furry mammals are also distinct in their large eyes, bushy tails, and long incisors that are seen protruding from their mouth. 

Are Squirrels Good for Anything?

Even though squirrels might be seen as a nuisance as they forage across the neighborhood, they have a role to play in the ecosystem. Here are some of the things that squirrels are good for:

Forest Regeneration

Squirrels love to forage and feed on fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Other than only feeding on these nuts, squirrels are well known for caching them, where they tend to bury the seeds on lawns or forested areas for future consumption. Due to their forgetfulness, these seeds end up budding and growing into trees, adding up to the tally.

Pest Control

Inclusive of plant-based foods, squirrels also feed on insects since they are omnivorous animals. This helps to control insects such as termites in the yard or garden that would have attacked your plants and trees or even nested in the soil.

Waste Management

Squirrels eat just about anything that we eat, including the slices of pizza or leftovers that tend to fall off the trash can or lawn. Feeding on them tends to eliminate wastes that would otherwise rot and end up causing a foul smell.


Squirrels hold a notable place in the natural food chain and are preyed on by predators, such as hawks, foxes, snakes, and even wolves, promoting the rich biodiversity.

Squirrels Can Be a Nuisance

Although squirrels may appear cute and harmless, they can cause significant property damage and become a nuisance in our lives. Some of the cons of having them around include:

Damage to the Landscape and Garden

Due to their incessant nature of caching their food by burying them, squirrels end up causing damage to the aesthetic of the landscape by digging up holes in the lawn. They also dig up seeds planted in the garden to feed on, destroying your harvest.

House Invasion

Squirrels can also build their nest in your attic and eat on electrical wires or insulations. This ends up damaging wire connections or even causing their death leading to a foul decaying smell in the house.

Potential Health Hazard

One of the ways squirrels may be a health risk is because of their droppings. Their feces and urine may pose the risk of salmonella infection to anyone coming into contact with it. Also, while rabies is rare for rodents, it is possible for a squirrel to carry rabies.

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