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The Importance of Practicing Humane Animal Control

humane animal control

Humane animal control will not only keep the animals safe, but can help to protect the balance of your local ecosystem.

Animal control is an important service to any community, however, there is definitely a correct and incorrect way to practice it. While wild animals can cause problems when they get stuck in a residential home, they don’t mean any harm, and ensuring they are removed by a company that practices humane animal control will not only keep the animals safe, but can help to protect the balance of your local ecosystem. Read on to learn more about humane animal control.

What Is Considered Humane Animal Control?


When humans and animals interact, the animals are often at incredibly high risk for death or injury. Some pest control companies do things which will specifically harm the animal during removal. These include the use of poisons, traps, and other cruel capture devices. While other tactics seem humane on the surface, they actually do great harm to the animal. These include both trapping and relocation. While simply relocating the animal seems like a solid course of action, this can actually do great harm to an animal if it is released in an unfamiliar environment. Using a one way door is the most humane eviction strategy. This forces the animal to leave your home, but makes it unable to get back in. It can then return to its natural habitat with minimal interference from humans.


The Importance of Humane Animal Control


While it may be scary or frustrating to have a wild animal in your home, it is important to think about it from the animal’s perspective. Most animals do not enter homes to do people harm. They often want to take care of their young, be warm, or enter entirely by accident. As they lack our understanding of the world, they often get stuck and cannot find their way out. In these cases they are probably even more terrified than you are. Killing them in these cases is not the answer. It is cruel, and will do little to serve your long term problem. Other animals will most likely use the same entry points they did. A humane animal control company removes the animal without harm and then works to close off the weak points which allowed them to get into your home in the first place.  


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