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Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage

Keep these critters out of your garage this fall!

Do you have a mice problem inside your garage? Since we are moving towards the colder months of the year, this is a common problem for garage owners. It is an unnerving feeling when you walk to your car and witness a mouse scurry away! The good news is that there are several things you can do to address this problem. Here are some helpful tips for keeping a mouse-free garage!

Common Causes Of Mouse Entry

Before you can address your mouse problem, it is vital that you grasp an understanding of why mice are entering your garage in the first place. Mice are always looking for warm places to nest. A toasty garage is a perfect place for them to do this. There is a higher likelihood that you could experience a mouse problem in the winter months when the weather is colder. It has become the norm for a residential garage to be filled with clutter. Items such as boxes, buckets, and open containers serve as great places for mice to hide from predators. Also, a garage tends to be packed with excellent nesting materials such as leaves, cotton, paper, and other forms of debris. Finally, residential garages contain tasty edibles for mice. Items like dog food and bird seed are major attractants to mice.

Check Garage Door

A garage door common entry point for mice. If you have a mouse problem in your garage, you need to check the base of your garage when it is closed for any gaps. It is possible that when your garage door closes, there is space for unwanted critters to go through. A simple solution to this problem is to invest a garage door threshold, which is a rubber bump that you would install at the point where your garage door hits the ground. It will close gaps that are the result from weather stripping.

Check Air Conditioners

Have you taken a look at your air conditioners lately? Unfortunately, they can serve as an excellent access point for mice. For this reason, you need to make sure they are tightly sealed so mice can’t get through. You may be surprised what little space a mouse needs to gain access to your garage.

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