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Dangerous Diseases That Are Carried By Pests


Unfortunately, some of the animals we remove look cute and cuddly–but keeping them around could result in the transmission of some very serious diseases.

Pests that have taken up residence in your home are more than just a nuisance.  Yes, they make noise and squeal and leave droppings everywhere.  If that’s not enough to get you to remove these unwanted guests, let us give you the facts about what animals are carrying.  Unfortunately, some of the animals we remove look cute and cuddly–but keeping them around could result in the transmission of some very serious diseases.  To know about them and their transmission, read on.



You’ve probably heard of this one.  Some people contract it from eating raw meat, and others see it as a common worm that dogs contract.  Tapeworm is a parasite that is normally transmitted through feces.  It is very easy for an infested home to have droppings in places you can’t see, especially near the kitchen.  Consuming food that has been around animal droppings can leave you at a high risk for tapeworm.  Symptoms are vomiting, overwhelming nausea, constant hunger and dramatically low energy levels.




Mice, although small and unassuming, carry a kind of mite that will bite humans when contact is made.  These mites can live in all sorts of places, and don’t discriminate against any species.  When you’re bitten, it can cause some pretty bad rashes and skin irritation that will leave you itching for days.  Blisters can even develop in some cases.  


Ratbite Fever


Rats are known for being disease carriers.  Their bites can end up transmitting a plethora of diseases–but one, ratbite fever, can cause septicaemia.  You’ll probably know if you’ve been bitten by a rat, so make sure you call the doctor before you call us.  You may experience symptoms such as fevers, muscle pains and rashes.


Find out more about diseases carried by pests here.


Do you need pests removed?  Shumaker Animal Control can help!


At Shumaker Animal Control, we focus on humanely removing pests from a residence, and then release them into the wild where they truly belong.  With our thorough service, you can expect efficiency and quality.  You will rest knowing that diseases from animals won’t infect the comfort of your home.


Shumaker’s Animal Control is a twenty-five-year veteran of the animal and pest control profession. We are the Kingsville rodent control experts and can help you return your house to a cozy pest-free home. If you have any questions about mouse removal or other rodent control, contact Shumaker’s Animal Control by calling (443) 854-8072 or click here today!

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