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How to Humanely Trap a Mouse

How to Humanely Trap a Mouse

Humane trapping of mice effectively removes these pests from your property without causing them harm. A live mouse trap is a common tool used for humanely trapping mice. These traps capture the mouse without killing it, allowing you to release it unharmed.

The process of humanely trapping a mouse involves several key steps. Here is how to humanely trap a mouse.

Use a Live Mouse Trap

This type of trap allows you to catch the mouse without killing it. The trap consists of a cage or box-like structure with a door triggered by bait placed inside. When the mouse takes the appeal, the door closes, trapping the mouse inside. 

Live mouse traps are available at hardware or our pest control stores. Most of these live mouse traps have easy usage instructions.

Bait the Trap With a Small Piece of Food

Bait is a crucial component of trapping a mouse using a live trap. Strong odors and flavors attract mice. Therefore, using the correct bait can increase the chances of catching the mouse.

Some common types of food used as bait include peanut butter and cheese. They are readily available foods and attract mice with a strong odor and flavor.

When using peanut butter as bait, place a small amount on the trigger plate or inside the trap. You can also use cheese as bait, but you should refresh it often as it spoils fast.

Place the Trap in a Known Mouse Activity Area

Mice tend to follow a consistent travel pattern along walls and other objects. It would help if you placed the trap near a wall or in a corner where you have seen mouse activity. You can also set the trap near signs of mouse activity, such as droppings or gnawed holes in walls.

Also, place the trap where pets or children will not disturb it. Mice are likelier to enter a trap in a quiet area as they tend to be shy and cautious. Further, ensure the catch is level and secure since they are more likely to enter a stable trap that does not move around.

Check the Trap Regularly

Mice can quickly become distressed when trapped. You should check the trap often to ensure the mouse is not suffering. Additionally, if the mouse is trapped for a long time, its health may deteriorate.

Handle the Trap With Care

When checking the trap, you need to handle it with care to avoid causing harm to the mouse. Wear gloves if necessary and approach the trap with calm. 

When releasing the mouse, choose a safe outdoor location far from your home. This measure will help prevent the mouse from re-entering your home and help protect native wildlife and ecosystems.

Additionally, it’s advisable to avoid squeezing the trap. Doing so can harm the mouse. Also, avoid shaking the trap or exposing the web to extreme weather conditions.  

How to Humanely Trap a Mouse

Following these guidelines, you can remove mice from your property without causing them harm.

If you have a mouse problem in your home or property, do not hesitate. Contact us to trap and release mice from your home humanely.

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