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How to Know If Animal Removal Services Are Humane

How to Know If Animal Removal Services Are Humane

How to Know If Animal Removal Services Are Humane: Some animals, especially from the wild, can be a nuisance to your home environment. Most animals move from their natural habitat and move closer to your homes in search of food and water. Some animals may also find their way into your home during winter when it gets too cold in their habitat.

Rodents, groundhogs, snakes, and bats are common pests that can make habitats in your home. The problem is the pests do not just come to stay; they will also destroy your property. Additionally, no one wants to share a room with pests as they can even pose a threat to your health. You can use various methods to get rid of pests in your home.

However, even as you get rid of the animals, it is always essential to remember that humane methods are better for removing animals from your home. It is better to move the animals to an alternate environment, like back to their natural habitat, than to kill them. So, in the event you hire the services of professional animal control services, how would you know they are humane?

Here is how:

Great Reviews and Feedback

A company with a humane animal removal policy will always have great reviews from its previously served clients. Before hiring a company to eliminate pests in your home, do a background check on them. You can go through their websites if they are available on digital platforms.

You can also find their contacts and question them on the methods they use for animal removal. You can ask questions involving how they trap the animals, where they relocate them to, and if they use live traps. A humane animal removal company will give direct answers with a satisfaction guarantee.

Compassionate Methods of Capturing Animals

A humane animal removal company has policies around capturing and relocating animals from your home. The methods of capturing animals should not cause any harm to them. Professional companies will come to your home with traps for the animals so that the capturing is more natural.

Guarantee Against Re-entry

Professional companies that deal with animal removal and pest control will not leave your home without sealing possible animal entry points. Leaving the entry points open typically means exposing animals to the danger of getting trapped in unsafe places within your home.

A humane company should take its time to identify all entry places where animals may find their way into your home and seal them permanently. The company’s guarantee against re-entry should come up before they come to your home.

Looking for Humane Animal Control Services? Contact Shumaker Animal Removal

At Shumaker’s Animal Control, our animal removal policy is to humanely trap animals in live traps and then relocate them to an approved wildlife management area. We then ensure that no other animal can enter the premises by sealing all entry points securely and permanently with our staff of high-caliber exclusion experts. If you have pest problems in Maryland, we can help remove them safely.

Get in touch by filling out our contact form or calling us at 443-854-8072 to learn more about our services.

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