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Bats in Maryland

Bats might not be the first animal that comes to mind when we think of Maryland. Usually that is reserved for the crab, which is certainly a popular animal in our state. However, back on the topic of bats, they also have a presence here. Bats are actually one of the most common groups of mammals, beside rodents, and they can fly as well. They can be found all over the world, and there are multiple types of bats currently existing in Maryland. We tend to associate bats with negative things like spreading diseases like coronavirus or rabies, but they are fascinating animals that contribute to the ecosystem. Here are a few types that are living in Maryland right now!


Bats in Maryland


Tri-colored Bat

You probably guessed where these guys got their name. These nocturnal bats can range in color from yellow to brown to red. They tend to feast on smaller types of insects such as ants, beetles, flies, and moths. Tri-colored bats have a really short lifespan, only living on average from four to 8 years. 


Northern Long-eared bat

Much like the Tri-colored bats, these bats eat the same things, are around the same size, and have similar coloration when it comes to their looks. An interesting fact about these is that there is a sickness that is making them endangered, however, they have an astounding 18 and a half year lifespan.


Silver-haired Bat

Averaging out to be 10 centimeters long, the Silver-haired bat is the silver fox out of these species. They can be recognized by the identifiable gray tips on their black and dark brown fur. A fun fact about these types of bats is that they rely on echolocation to find food and be a guide while they are flying. Echolocation is using the reflected sounds off of objects to determine the location of things.


Little Brown Myotis

These little bats live mostly in North America. Little Brown Myotis bats tend to be hiders. During the day they like to hide out in caves, trees, and rocks. They have either light tan or dark brown fur, with a lighter color fur on their underbodies. 


Indiana Bat

The Indiana bat is the species we think of whenever we hear the word bat. These are the bats that hang upside down in groups in order to hibernate. They are a little more adventurous when it comes to their food. Among the regular ants and beetles, they also go after bees, midges, and wasps. 


Hoary Bat

Measuring from about 13 to 15 centimeters, the Hoary bat has a wingspan of 40 centimeters. Although found in Maryland, they are the largest species in Canada! They tend to hangout individually along evergreen forests or shrubs. They are also partial to flying solely at night. 


Shumaker Animal Control appreciates and cares for all types of wildlife in a humane manner. We are trained to assist people in any and every situation regarding animal control and removal of nuisance wildlife in Baltimore County and all of Maryland. Whether you have encountered a bat, or need any other type of animal removal, we have a professional team ready to assist you.


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