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Top 3 Dangerous Animals in Maryland

Maryland is such an incredible state when it comes to its wildlife. From lakes to sand dunes, to miles of forests and mountains, we have it all. We have all different types of habitats that invite a wide range of animals. We have foxes, raccoons, skunks, mice, squirrels, and even wild horses just to name a few! While most of our animals are peaceful and keep to themselves, there are some that you need to be aware of as they could harm you if you come in contact with them.. We’re giving you the top three dangerous animals in Maryland so read on!


dangerous animals in Maryland


CopperHead Snake

The first animal on our list is the Copperhead snake. These average about two to three feet long and are a light brown or salmon color with district dark brown patterns on their bodies. They fall into the pit vip category which means they have heat-sensing pits between their eyes and around their noses. This unique quality allows them to instantly detect the smallest change in temperature to pinpoint attack prey, which gives off body heat. Copperheads are usually hiding out in woodland areas, which is what Marylanders need to be careful about. Between the color of their bodies and their instant reaction to freeze when movement is made, they become almost impossible to see. Because they are so hard to see, an accidental touch or step on them could result in an attack. The snake will react with a venomous bite. These bites tend to have low amounts of venom compared to others, but venom can have different effects on different bodies.


Black Widow 

Next on our list is the Black Widow Spider. If you thought the Copperhead was hard to see, try spotting these half an inch demons. If you can spot one, these female spiders have instantly recognizable features with a black shiny body accompanied with a red hourglass-shaped symbol on their underside. Black Widows like to gravitate towards habitats that are dark and hidden. Some common places they have been found are construction wood piles or in damp basements of a house. Much like the snakes, their instinctive defensive reaction is to bite when they come in contact with anything or anyone. What you need to be careful of is their bite, plain and simple. These bites in particular can have some pretty harmful effects on your body. You can have anything like vomiting, sweating, severe muscle pain, fast heart rate, or all of the above. Your body can also have worse effects as a result of these symptoms, like seizures or paralysis. 


Last on our list is the Timber Rattlesnake. Let us help you identify these guys. These snakes are yellow-brown or gray with a dark zig-zag pattern along the body. Their size can range anywhere from three to five feet long. This snake tends to be found in low-density forests that have plenty of sunlight. Be on the lookout for these ones because they are one of the most dangerous snakes in not just Maryland, but the whole country. The reason for this is, Timber Rattlesnakes have much longer teeth than most snakes and let out a higher amount of venom when they strike. These snake bites have the potential to be fatal, so if you happen to get bit, immediate medical attention is necessary. 


Have you come across one of these snakes or others?

Shumaker Animal Control can provide safe animal removal solutions to keep you out of harm’s way from dangerous animals in Maryland. The safety of our clients and the animals is our number one priority. We are happy to help remove any pest you may have in a humane and professional manner. Please call us at 443-854-8072 or visit our website to schedule animal removal.


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