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Football season may be back in session, but we’re talking about the other Baltimore Birds.


We’re still experiencing pretty nice weather this time of year and people want to be outside and enjoying themselves. That may even mean turning down the heat and opening a few windows to save on an electric bill. What could be a nuisance with that is one of Maryland’s birds finding their way into your home. Maybe they don’t fly into one of your windows, but they can also find their way into small spaces, garages, and more where they can build nests and cause issues for your property and safety. 

Bird Removal


Cardinals, sparrows, and other birds are just some of the birds that are common pests among Marylanders. They mean no harm if they end up on or in your property, and most of the time it is by mistake that they’ve gotten in there. While you may think a bird issue may not be that big of a problem, it is still necessary to have them removed from your home. 


Bird Problems

Having bird removal handled by a professional is important because they can cause different issues you may not necessarily be aware of. Much like other animals that are considered pests, they will tend to find any opening or hole to make their way into a home, garage, or shed. They can get caught in things like dryer vents or stove vents, which will cause problems for your home. Another problem with them getting on or in your property is that they will most likely create nests which are unsanitary, dirty, and have a bad odor. Something you do not want as a homeowner. And lastly, birds themselves can carry different types of diseases and even bird droppings can be potentially dangerous to your health and home. 


Shumaker Animal Control has a long-standing reputation for easy and humane removal of wildlife and bird removal. If you are currently experiencing issues with birds or other animals, call on Shumaker to help get rid of them. We have a trusted team of people who service all over the state of Maryland. Head over to our website at shumakeranimalcontrol.com to learn more about the values of our company and how we can provide you with stress-free animal removal solutions.


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