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What You Should Do If An Animal Bites You

Most animal bites usually come from pets. Dogs and cats are usually the culprits as they are the ones most commonly found in homes. For other bites, they are usually caused by stray or wild animals like foxes, bats, raccoons, and skunks. Whether you are out hiking on an adventure or right at home, there is always a possibility of an animal bite. If that happens, we have a few procedures you should follow if an animal bites you.


If An Animal Bites You

In some cases, you may encounter a bite that does not break the skin. These are easier to nurse back to normal with the following suggestions:


  • Wash over the wound with plenty of soap and water
  • Make sure to wrap or cover the area with a sterile wrap
  • Keep it elevated above your heart to prevent swelling or an infection


When the bite has punctured the skin, it will most likely bleed. In these cases, these bites are more severe and you need to take extra caution and seek medical care. Here are some tips to stand by:


  • You can’t move your finger, arm, leg, etc. where the bite occurred
  • There is bruising or swelling present
  • Your skin becomes pale or numb
  • If a stray/wild animal was what bite you



If the bite you have is the latter, you will need to go to the doctor in order to get the proper care and medicine. You’ll want to have a good idea of what type of animal bite you, which will make it easier for the doctor to determine if you are at risk for diseases or viruses like rabies. You may also need a shot in some cases, and will be asked what your record of immunizations are.


Deeper wounds will probably result in the following procedures:

  • Exam to check for nerve, bone, or tendon damage
  • X-ray to check if there are any fragments left from the animal
  • Stitches to close the wound so it can heal
  • Antibiotics and/or tetanus and rabies shots
  • If extremely severe, surgery may be required for severe tissue damage


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