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Bothersome Bunnies?

When it comes to pesky animals, bunnies are not usually at the top of the list. Most of the time we like to have these fuzzy and cute critters frolicking through our yards. But we are here to tell you that they can cause havoc!




The Right Plants 


When it comes to animals and them rummaging through our yards, we tend to think of them getting ahold of any plants they can. Animals don’t always eat everything in sight. There are certain plants that each animal isn’t fond of or they stay away from. Knowing what keeps these bunnies away could be a big help in running into any problems with maintaining your garden. Did you know bunnies aren’t fans of corn or tomatoes? Those are some of their dislikes along with peppers.


Keeping Them Out


The best way to build a garden and keep it thriving is to protect it. It is no question that different animals will try and raid your garden and plants, but creating a barrier from animals like bunnies will deter them. A possible option is to use chicken wire to create a fence around it. Making sure it is firmly dug into the ground with enough height to keep them out. 


Clever Tricks


If the above tips are still letting in those bunnies you don’t want around, it might be time to try some out-of-the-box tricks that may just be the thing to stay away from your yard and home:


  • A mixture of Lysol and water to spray on your plants will be pungent to their noses


  • Sprinkle Irish Spring soap bits around the plants


  • Setting up statues of fake animals like snakes or animals may scare them off


Call on Shumaker!


Shumaker Animal Control is no stranger to all of the pesky animals that create problems for their clients. We have over 20 years of experience in the animal control field and are ready to help you keep your home safe and healthy. We can properly remove all sorts of animals all around Maryland. Please visit our website to see how we can offer humane animal removal solutions for you. 


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