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Keep Animals From Getting Into Your Home This Winter

As we say goodbye to October, the day to day temperatures are beginning to drop. Now we are putting away our shorts and pulling out our winter jackets. This time of year is just as much of a transition for us as it is for animals. It changes their behavior, living conditions, and survival needs. 



As much as we dont want to say it, your home is a prime target for animals during the colder months. Squirrels and raccoons, just to name a few, are relentlessly looking for a place to build a home and avoid the cold at all costs. A quick walk around your home or apartment to look for any possible entryways for animals could save you a lot of stress and problems in the long run. Being able to seal off your home will be your biggest benefit here. Here are a few ways to keep animals from getting into your home this winter.


You may also want to jump up onto that roof to inspect its condition. Look around for any repairs you may need to make or anything that may seem unsturdy. 


With every animal comes thigns like droppings, diseases, and their families. The more likely an animal is able to occupy space in an attic or yard, the more likely these will linger around your home. Animals are looking for a place to nest. Not to mention they are intrigued by wires, cables, and other parts of a house that they have the ability to chew on. 


A clean home is also the best bet when going into the winter. And we mean the inside and out. No open containers like trash bins or recycle containers that could attract any animals. The main reason for this is that they are also looking for food. 


Need a little help in getting your home prepared for the winter? Shumaker Animal Control has a team of experts ready to tackle any problems you may have with animals this winter. With over 20 years of experience, our team has the right tools and knowledge to remove any animals in a humane and safe way. Please visit our website or give us a call to let us help!


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