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Can Foxes Be Dangerous To Have On Your Property?

Foxes are often associated with being a friendly winter figure, a stark contrast on the white landscape with their orange fur. To others, foxes may be a scary and imposing animal, and while foxes pose little threat to humans, they can be dangerous to livestock and other small animals in particular.

In general, foxes are scared of humans and will not react aggressively, except in rare circumstances where the animals are defending territory or children. The default reaction for a fox is simply to run away from any potential danger which a bigger, scarier human poses.

However, when it comes to small animals or livestock, the presence of a fox is less than friendly for them. Very skillful solo hunters, foxes eat small prey to sustain themselves, and will hunt down animals at night. Their common targets are rats, birds, insects, lizards and rabbits, and they will eat fruits and other plants on occasion as well.

As such, foxes pose danger to any livestock along with small or newborn animals. Chicken are common targets for foxes, especially smaller ones, as the fox can easily overpower an unsuspecting chicken. Foxes are smart and will not go after larger animals, but a newborn of any species or an underdeveloped animal can look like an easy dinner for a hungry fox. Common housepets in dogs and cats are not considered at risk for fox attacks, because they are not common prey for the creatures.

Additionally, even if foxes don’t harm animals by hunting and eating them, they can carry equally devastating diseases. Some foxes can carry rabies, which they will transmit with a bite, infecting the affected animal. Fox waste can also carry harmful bacteria, which could get into a food or water source for an unsuspecting animal. Not every fox has damaging bacterial diseases in its waste, but dogs can especially be affected by unknowingly bringing damaging bacteria inside their systems.

Foxes can also damage property by creating burrows or dens on your property. While most foxes prefer to live out in the open, when the breeding season occurs or when foxes want to escape bad weather, they retreat into burrows or dens. If foxes are creating such dwellings on your property, it could attract other foxes, compounding the situation.

Again, while foxes are generally not dangerous to humans, if you come across a fox problem on your property, call the experts at Shumaker Animal Control to deal with the problem for you. Our experienced team will take care of the problem in a timely manner, ensuring that you and your pets or livestock are not affected by the foxes.

At Shumaker Animal Control, we are a family-owned business who cares about the safety of you and your family but also about the well-being of the animals themselves. All of our trapping and control methods are humane, as we never try to hurt the angry or scared animal.

Call us at 443-854-8072 or contact us via our website by filling out or form for more information.

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