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Groundhog Facts

Groundhogs are one of those wild animals that are fun to watch exist in their habitat. They are very cute animals who have strong, short legs with bushy tails. They are actually part of the rodent family and are related to other similar looking animals like beavers, porcupines, and squirrels. 


Here are a few Groundhog facts:


Groundhog Facts



Groundhogs are interesting animals. Their den building skills are phenomenal. They can create and dig out tunnel systems as big as 30 feet long with multiple entrances. With sharp claws, this is still no easy feat. Most groundhogs don’t tend to wander far from their living space to protect their family and their burrows.


A groundhog isn’t what usually comes to mind when we think of a fierce animal. However, they can put up a fight when it is necessary. While they are not big and mighty, they have no problem going up against bigger animals like coyotes, dogs, bears, and hawks. In the midst of a fight, one of their defense mechanisms is to let out a loud whistle. The pure shrill of this high-pitched sound is enough to frighten most away.




When looking for food, groundhogs tend to lean towards grasses and certain types of plants like forbs. They are true herbivores as they usually stick to a plant diet. They eat things like tree leaves, vegetables, fruit, and alfalfa. 




Groundhogs for the most part, breed in their second season. That timeframe is usually between March and April. Around mid-summer is when they’ll most often be on the lookout for shelter as they are looking for a safe and comfortable place for their young to be born. Groundhogs can have a litter of anywhere from two to six that are initially born blind.


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