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New Year, New Geese?

In many areas of the United States, not just Maryland, geese are starting to pop up more. These animals are quite literally flocking from areas of Canada to make their stay in the United States a more permanent one. Geese are sighted more and more, as they are staying around for the vast amounts of grass for food, the low level of predators, and people that are on the hunt. geese




Geese have some interesting habits. They tend to band together in groups. A neat fact is that they have a strong tendency to return to where they were born, which can be bad news if you have stumbled upon geese settled around your home. Geese lay large eggs when breeding and usually it tends to be around a well hospitable environment. 


Good or Bad?


Although most people tend to believe that geese cause few to no problems, their population in the United States is developing new issues. While geese may just seem to be waddling around looking for food, they also create the problem of over-grazed lands. They are damaging agricultural crops when they are vigorously looking for food to eat. Areas where they migrate to, they pose a health threat at beaches for sanitation reasons. Beside their aggressive and somewhat sassy behavior, geese also have the drawbacks of being a safety hazard near busy roads. 


Where In Maryland?


Over the last decade, geese have been eyeing Maryland up as the place to call home. We can most certainly agree with them! But where in Maryland do you think they like it the most? Geese are heading to the Chesapeake Bay to set up shop. 




If you are having problems with geese in your suburban neighborhood, it may be a little tricky to get rid of them, however it is not impossible! There are a few methods to discourage them from migrating to your area. For starters, if you have a pool or pond on your property, it is a great suggestion to put a cover or wire overtop of it to stop them from being interested in the water. You can also have loud noise makers on hand to scare them off or have them run away. 


Shumaker Animal Control is licensed and trained with over 25 years of experience in providing solutions for wildlife problems. The safety of our clients and the animals is our number one priority. We are happy to help remove any pest you may have in a humane and professional manner. Please call us at 443-854-8072 or visit our website to schedule animal removal.


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