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Where Do Groundhogs Go in the Winter?

As the weather begins to turn colder in October and November, groundhogs begin to prepare for a long winter underground. Groundhogs operate under a similar sleeping pattern to humans- they make themselves busy during the day and sleep in their homes at night. The only difference is that humans pay for their own homes, while groundhogs may be a nuisance for homeowners during the winter months. If groundhogs get into or under your home or you will need to hire a professional to get them removed.

Leading up to October and into November, groundhogs begin to bulk up for their hibernation season. As groundhogs prepare to go underground, their already large appetites cause them to search out for additional food resources and cause some havoc. They typically stick to eating grass, fruit and nuts, but can eat crops, plants and climb trees to search for fruit.

When it comes to their feeding frenzy, groundhogs will chew on anything and everything which appears to be food to them. Groundhogs do have strong teeth, and their overactive chewing can cause real damage to a home or whatever items are on your property.

Groundhog Removal

While groundhogs mostly subsist on a plant-based diet, they are still omnivores and will eat insects or small animals. They are not typically aggressive but do have the tools to defend themselves if threatened. Groundhogs have sharp front incisors and claws as well, which can cause serious damage to animals and humans alike. When it comes to their burrows, they are especially defensive, making it a bad decision to get in between a groundhog and its home territory.

Of course, the burrows that groundhogs make on your property, whether it is to simply live in or hibernate in, can pose legitimate logistical concerns. Their burrows tend to be expansive, with multiple entrances and enough room to stretch 45 feet long and be buried multiple feet under the ground.

This is especially concerning for any form of work in progress. Groundhogs can disrupt agriculture and development by undermining the very foundation work occurs on. Additionally, they can damage equipment and cause an unstable environment for any form of work to be done on.

When it comes to hibernation season, groundhogs will expand their burrows and underground system of tunnels in preparation for the winter. It is extremely important to get your groundhog situation under control before this step, and even more important to call the groundhog removal experts at Shumaker Animal Control. Groundhogs can become aggressive when scared, especially if you threaten their territory, making them an animal you do not want to mess with all on your own.

If you notice a groundhog problem on your property, you need to call the groundhog control experts at Shumaker’s Animal Control right away. Shumaker Animal Control is family-owned business that cares about your home and the well-being of the animals. All groundhogs are trapped humanely and relocated to an area far away from your home, ensuring that you never have to deal with such an infestation again.

Contact Shumaker Animal Control at CONTACT or call us at 443-854-8072 today or view more information online at http://www.shumakeranimalremoval.com/.

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