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Can You Avoid Rats in a Restaurant?

When it comes to animal invasions and pests within a home or a business, no creature is more common of a pest than rats. The small rodents slip their way into wherever is warm and has food, making homes and restaurants their top two targets for places to stay and places to eat.

Once rats are inside, they can cause considerable damage, both to physical property and potentially to the people as well. Much like squirrels or any other rodent, rats chew on wood, electrical wires and insulation. They can cause structural damage over time and create a fire risk, in addition to leaving droppings and waste everywhere, which creates an unsanitary environment.


Rats also have the distinction of carrying many common diseases and some uncommon and dangerous ones as well. These diseases are spread from droppings, waste, ticks and rat bites and can cause serious damage if an untrained individual tries to get a rat problem under control on their lonesome.

While rats within a home or a business are annoying and can cause damage, when they take up shop in a restaurant is where the real damage is done. Rats seek out food and are quite cunning when it comes to getting their next meal. They will squeeze into holes the size of a quarter or a dime, making any potential opening their next target.

Restaurants must inspect often for rodent problems and state inspectors take this safety issue very seriously. When rats are found in a restaurant, and especially within the kitchen, they can be forced to close their doors, either until they can prove they got the situation under control, or forever if they cannot take charge of the situation. Rats bring illness and disease with them, and food-borne illnesses can be some of the most severe of any illness.

As such, it is important for restaurants and other food preparation businesses to remain vigilant about keeping rats out. There are basic methods which can be employed, such as sealing all entry points and setting out mouse traps, but those methods rarely produce more than the occasional success.

If you truly have a rat problem, don’t try and fight the many rodents on your own. Instead, call the rat control experts at Shumaker Animal Control. Brown rats can be aggressive and it is important to have trained professionals attend to the program. Particularly when it comes to restaurants, Shumaker Animal Control can solve the problem and keep your business rat-free.

If you notice a rat problem on your property, you need to call the groundhog control experts at Shumaker’s Animal Control right away. Shumaker Animal Control is family-owned business that cares about your home and the well-being of the animals. All rats are trapped humanely and relocated to an area far away from your home, ensuring that you never have to deal with such an infestation again.

Contact Shumaker Animal Control at CONTACT or call us at 443-854-8072 today or view more information online at http://www.shumakeranimalremoval.com/.

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