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What Problems Do Mice Cause?

mouse problems

Mice can be a real hassle.

Because of their adaptability and ability to quickly breed, mouse control is a lot more important than you realize.

If you’ve just seen your first mouse of the winter, there is a good chance that there is more one roaming around your house. Mice want a warm spot to stay for the winter, but they aren’t going to pay you rent!

Pest Control in Maryland

Pest control, especially mouse control, is so important because mice and rats worldwide can spread over 35 diseases. Mice are known to spread Salmonellosis, Rickettsialpox, Keptospirosis and tapeworms just to name a few. Your cat or dog could especially be vulnerable to a mouse bite because it will try to defend itself against your animal. You might be at work when your pet gets bit, and it may just be such a minor bite that you don’t notice it. But, the bite still happened and your dog or cat could be at risk of a disease. To protect yourself and your family, call Shumaker as soon as you know you need mouse control and pest control.

Problems Caused by Mice

Aside from carrying diseases, mice will leave tons of unwanted droppings and spray your house with urine. A mouse doesn’t have any bladder control, so that means they will urinate wherever they walk. Also, mice leave behind as much as 50-75 droppings every single day.

Stopping Mice with Pest Control

A single female mouse can reproduce up to 35 young each year. If you don’t stop your mouse problem now, you’re probably about to have a huge infestation on your hands. It’s estimated that that a mice actually cause as much as $1 billion in damage each year in the United States. Because of the health concerns and damage a mouse can do to your home, you should call Shumaker Animal Control as soon as you need mouse control and pest control.

Stray Pet Removal in Baltimore

You may feel bad for the stray cat you see wandering your neighborhood and decide that providing the cat a little food isn’t going to hurt anything. Soon, you may find yourself over run with stray cats. Stray cats aren’t considered wildlife, so they can be rehabilitees and find homes. Instead of trying to take care of all these cats yourself, it’s actually much safer and better for the animals if you call animal control to collect them and work with adoption services.

Need our help?

Call Shumaker Animal Control. Shumaker Animal Control is a twenty-five year veteran of the animal control profession and knows how to detect and properly remove rabbits from your Maryland property.

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