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Opossums are not usually the first animal that comes to mind when we think of pests terrorizing our homes and backyards. Usually it’s the raccoons, insects, snakes, and other culprits causing the problems. And this is typically the case! 



Opossums tend to get a bad rap when it comes to placing blame on animals knocking over our garbage cans or rummaging through our gardens. A surprising fact to know is that opossums are relatively docile animals who rarely act out of aggression or viciousness. In most cases, if an opossum were to feel the need to be defensive, they would merely let out a hiss to come across as tough. More often than not, any encounters with people or larger animals, they just play dead to be left alone. 


Have You Seen One?


Have you had an opossum wander through your backyard? It can be bothersome to have a strange animal walking throughout your property, not knowing if they will destroy something. However, these guys are usually just passing through, and are not an immediate threat. The best advice to keep them away is to deter them from any food or trash that might be left out like open garbage bins or access to your pet’s food. 


The Good Stuff


Having an opossum around isn’t exactly like owning a pet, but if there is one hanging around, there are a few benefits for having one come across your property. Opossums eat a lot of smaller pests. These include snails, insects, and smaller rodents. Those smaller creatures can be very bothersome, but the opossums might just get rid of those! They also like to eat fruit fallen off from trees or trash that may have spilled out onto the ground. 


What To Look Out For


While opossums are not naturally terrorizing animals, they are not entirely innocent either. They still look for food and shelter wherever they can, like most animals. Opossums with babies take their kids to wherever they go, so chances are if you spot one, there may be others nearby. Outdoor decks and patios are a great place for opossums to take shelter for their family, so it is a good idea to check around there or seal up any holes that they could get into.  


Need a professional to get rid of an opossum or other animal around your property? Contact Shumaker Animal Control at 443.854.8072. Our team has the right tools and experience to humanely remove any pests you may have. Our goal is to keep our clients safe by removing animals back to an environment that they can live in. Please visit our website at shumakeranimalremoval.com to learn more about our team and how we can provide animal removal solutions. 


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