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Fun Facts About Raccoons

No matter what type of environment you live in, city or rural, you will almost always see a raccoon as they are common in most local wildlife populations. Well known for its mischievous personality and mask marking on their face, a raccoon is quite an interesting animal. They are one of the world’s most adaptable critters who can thrive in the most diverse of climates. You may already know they make great use of their hands getting into garbage cans or opening up a few door handles, but we know a few fun facts that you may not be aware of. Keep reading to find out fun facts about raccoons!


Fun Facts About Raccoons


The Infamous Mask

Raccoons have the iconic black mask on their face that pairs nicely with their thiverey type behavior. It falls right across their eyes and they are actually more versatile than most people think. Besides looking like a little bandit, the masks work in multiple ways. One being their masks work in the same way you see a lot of athletes wearing black tape or stickers under their eyes during any game. The black fur around their eyes blocks out glare and incoming light. It helps them against obstructions to their vision and lessens peripheral light. This benefits them most at night as they are able to see contrasting shadows in objects they see which is very helpful as they are not known for their sight. 


Lab Raccoons?

Racoons at one point were in the running to be the go-to animal for scientific tests and experiments. Because of their curious and cunning nature, they were the animal that became so endearing to perform behavioral studies on. In short, their personalities are just too out of control to be good animals for testing. From chewing through cages to being hard to breed, they were not the ideal candidate. It was later decided that testing would be better on rats because they were easier to handle in all the categories the racoons couldn’t. 


Raccoon Royalty 

Do you know of Rebecca the Raccoon? She was the famous raccoon that lived with Calvin Coolidge during part of his term as President. What started out as a presidential dinner, ended in a raccoon becoming part of a presidential family. Once Coolidge met the raccoon, it no longer was on the menu and he was more interested in adopting it as a pet. Can you imagine a president today with a wild animal as a pet? 


Check Out These Hands

One of their famous features are their hands. Most of us have had some type of encounter with these little creatures digging through our trash bins, making a mess of our garden, or getting into our food while camping. They are such a prominent feature to these animals, that they were named after their hands. Their name came from a tribe with a meaning of “animal who scratches with hands”. 


Washing Food

Not known for their cleanliness, raccoons wash their food or try to when they can. If they are near water, they will move their food around much like we wash dishes. The interesting part is that they aren’t doing it to clean off their food. Back to those infamous paws, they dunk their food in water and go through the motions to gather sensory information and help with feeling objects out with the nerves in their hands.


Raccoons and Others

Shumaker Animal Control is a team of professionals ready to help with raccoon or any other animal removal needs you may have. We care about providing humane removal techniques for our clients so everyone is safe. Please call us or visit our website if you are in need of removal options. 


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