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Oppressive Opossums Overrunning your Baltimore Yard?

Oppressive opossums in your yard?

Oppressive opossums in your yard?

Opossums can seem like a very scary nuisance, but they don’t have to be. Opossums can cause a great deal of damage to your lawn, garden, and any place that they manage to crawl into. They aren’t big diggers, but they can chew through entrance ways into their nests, which can mean bad things for your home, deck, or shed. So, let’s find out some way to deter them from coming around your Baltimore yard.

Food attracts vermin.

It’s a simple fact that food will attract vermin from all around. They’ll show up in droves for the chance to snack on outdoor dog food or uncovered garbage cans. So, one of the best ways to deter opossums from entering your property is to make sure that there is no food to attract them in the first place. If you have outdoor pets, then make sure their food gets picked up promptly once your animal has finished with it. Make sure to pick up water bowls as well. If you have lots of food in your garbage cans then make sure they are covered securely. A sneaky opossum might be able to get a lid off if it isn’t secured properly.

Watch your entranceways.

If you have a hole underneath your deck then you may have the perfect little hidey hole for an opossum to climb into and make their nest. Make sure that any holes in that could lead into the space beneath your house are sealed up tight. If you have an abandoned car, an unused boat, or an Rv then you should make sure there isn’t a build-up of debris or leaves because opossums love to make their nests there. Make sure your yard is clear and that the grass is cut. Try to eliminate places for an opossum to nest in, otherwise they will keep coming back year after year.

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