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How to Keep Pests Out of Trash

All humans and animals are creatures of habit. We take our trash out at the same time every week, and like clockwork, pests and wild animals will come by to savage for food scraps. 

It might seem counterintuitive to have to protect the items you are getting rid of, but it is the only way to avoid finding trash strewn across your  yard. With a little bit of prevention and clever thinking, individuals can keep pests out of their trash, and more importantly, out of their homes. 

Minimize the amount of food waste. 

Wild animals are scavengers, which means they will seek out any and all food, no matter how much or how little there might be. They are especially drawn to garbage cans that hold a variety of food products and waste all in one convenient place. 

In order to minimize the amount of food waste in your trash, use the garbage disposal in your sink if possible. For those that do not have a garbage disposal system, try freezing your food products until pick-up day. Not only does this minimize the amount of time the food is in the trash can, freezing food eliminates strong smells that would normally appeal to hungry pests.

Cover up the smell of food. 

If waiting until pick-up day to take out the trash is not an option, try covering up the smell of the food. A majority of pests find sources of food by following its smell. 

Covering up the smell with bleach, ammonia, or vinegar is a great way to confuse pests and make it harder for them to find your trash.

Wash your trash cans regularly. 

How many times have you hurried to your garbage can holding a leaking trash bag? No matter how careful we are, trash bags always seem to rip or tear. 

These openings allow for scraps, liquids, and other remnants of food to remain in the garbage can long after the bag has been removed. Regularly washing your trash cans can solve this problem. 

How to Keep Pests Out of Trash

Simply turn the trash can on its side and spray it using a water hose. Depending on how dirty or smelly your trash can is, you can also use dish soap and an extendable scrub brush to remove any food residue.

Stake down your trash cans.

If the wind or poor weather conditions knocks over your garbage can, pests have an even better chance of getting into your trash. You can prevent this by using a bungee cord or rope to tie the can to your house or fence. 

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