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How To Keep Pests Away From Your Bird Feeder

During challenging times, it is always nice to appreciate the little things in life. With everyone spending more time inside their homes, a bird feeder can offer a source of relaxation, natural beauty, and entertainment. But, it is hard to enjoy these perks when pests keep stealing the food. Here are some proven ways to prevent other pests from helping themselves to your bird feeder.

bird feeder

Keep a clean area

Rather than actually working for their food, many pests choose to simply wait for the birdseed to fall from the feeder onto the ground. This provides them with a convenient source of food that they can return to at any point.

To prevent pests from returning, you should routinely clean up any fallen food.

Additionally, individuals should keep the area around the bird feeder clear as well. Smaller animals are vulnerable when eating, so they prefer food sources in terrains that offer coverage and shade. It is best to keep your bird feeder in a clean and isolated location. This means keeping it far away from bushes and shrubs and keeping the grass trimmed short.

Secure the bird feeder

No matter where your bird feeder is located, whether on the ground or hanging from the tree, it withstands a lot of abuse at the hands of birds, weather, and pests.

If your bird feeder is not properly secured, poor weather conditions could cause the birdseed to spill on the ground. Or if larger pests attempt to climb onto the feeder, it could break the feeder, causing all the seeds to fall and attract even more pests.

Secure a falling bird feeder by choosing a location out of busy areas where it might be bumped into. Check the sturdiness of the brand or pole before hanging the feeder – make sure it will not bow or snap under the weight of the seed.

If your bird feeder is mounted in the ground, make sure the post is buried deep enough that the pole will not sway or fall over. Test how secure your feeder is by trying to push it over.

Bring in the bird feeder

There is no denying the fact that pests prefer to pray at night, in the safety of the darkness. To prevent these nocturnal animals from preying on your birdseed, simply bring in your bird feeder at night.

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