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Little Known Facts About Rabbits

Did you know rabbits can not live off of carrots? That’s right, rabbits are much more complex and interesting than we have been lead to believe. Here are some little known facts about rabbits.

facts about rabbits

Rabbits live in groups

Rabbits are a lot like humans: they keep a very clean home and are sociable creatures.

They live in large groups, or colonies, that share a collection of underground burrows. These burrows are normally located in forests, farmland, meadows, or grasslands, and can be up to 9 feet underground.

The burrows contain living areas and nesting areas for each family of rabbits, including both the parents and babies. Simply put, a large group of rabbits will share a collection of burrows, but each rabbit or family has their own territory.

Rabbits are born blind and without fur

Rabbits are known to reproduce very quickly, but these bunnies are born rather defeneless. These small mammals are born with their eyes closed and completely hairless.

After about two weeks, their eyes will begin to open and they will soon have impeccable vision. Due to their eyes being located high on the sides of their head, rabbits have almost 360-degree vision, meaning they can see from the sides without turning their heads. Besides a small blind-spot directly in front of their nose, rabbits have almost perfect vision. This is why it is impossible to sneak up on a rabbit from any angle.

Baby rabbits will also begin to grow their fur at about a week old. At about two weeks old, they will have a thick coat of fur covering the entirety of their body.

Rabbits do not hibernate

Even though we see less of rabbits during the cold months, there are no rabbit species that hibernate during the winter.

Instead, rabbits spend most of the winter searching for food and shelter. These small mammals are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. This can cause problems in the winter as vegetation is sparse. As a result, rabbits will begin eating tree bark or conifer needles to replace their normal diet of grass and weeds.

Rabbits are nocturnal, which means they are most active at sunrise and sunset. The rest of their time is spent sleeping and eating in their underground shelter.

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