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All You Need to Know About Rabbits


Rabbits are beautiful creatures, and in order to keep your yard free of them, you need to learn more about them.

Rabbits are one of the species of mammals that stays active during colder months, as opposed to hibernating.  We see plenty of them, especially around the Kingsville and greater Baltimore County area!  Yet, despite their abundance, we still seem to know very little about these furry creatures.  Among misconceptions, there are also facts which are worth learning.  Rabbits are beautiful creatures, and in order to keep your yard free of them, you need to learn more about them.



Rabbits are incredibly talented animals!  They have a panoramic visual field which allows them to see predators from almost anywhere aside from a blind spot in front of their nose.  They can jump up to one meter high and three meters long, depending on conditions.  They’re also very smart!  Rabbits can actually be trained by humans, which is surprising for a mammal so small.  With their superior senses, rabbits are almost like the superheroes of the woods.


Complicated Animals


Because rabbits have such a small size, many people think they’ll make easy pets.  This is not the case!  Rabbits require a lot of work, as they are particular and fussy animals.  First, they are social animals, and should always be kept in pairs.  But also, they require a strict and healthy diet that often ends up being rather expensive.  Ideally, the perfect sized rabbit enclosure would be the size of an entire bedroom!  


Active in Winter


Rabbits keep themselves occupied during the Winter through foraging and hunting.  Since it’s cold and therefore more barren, they must spend more time doing this than they do in warmer months.  They must be mentally active, or they will become depressed; even in the wild, rabbits go on the hunt for toys, like twigs, that they can play with.


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