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How To Keep Snakes Out of Swimming Pools

With the weather getting warmer, more and more homeowners are starting to open their pools. But unfortunately, this means an increased possibility of snakes entering your backyard and your swimming pool. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles, which means they love sunbathing on the patio near pools.

snakes swimming pool

Regularly mow the lawn

Snakes prefer to hide under thick cover, which is why they are drawn to long grass. The long grass also attracts the small creatures that snake like to eat, including insects, mice, and frogs.

If possible, mow your lawn on a weekly basis during the spring and summer seasons. Short grass is not as appealing to snakes because it provides little to no protection from predators and humans.

Keep bushes and shrubbery away from the pool

In addition to tall grass, bushes and shrubbery present a great opportunity for snakes to hide. If you are looking to keep snakes away from your pool, keep bushes and shrubs away from your pool area. The fewer places snakes have to hide, the fewer snakes you will see around your pool.

Install auto sprinkler

If wild animals feel threatened in any way, they will promptly leave the area. An auto sprinkler is a great way to keep snakes away from your pool.

A majority of sprinklers have built-in infrared beams to detect the movement of even the smallest creatures. The sudden burst of water and motion will be more than enough to scare away any snakes.

Install flashing infrared system

Snakes do not like to be around humans, so they are most likely to come out at night when they are not around. Snakes can easily detect infrared light in the dark. A flashing infrared system will create a pulsing light that scares away snakes and other creatures.

Sprinkle white vinegar or ammonia around the swimming pool

If you are looking for a natural repellent to prevent snakes, white vinegar and ammonia are proven solutions. Sprinkle these solutions around the area of the swimming pool in the evening to keep snakes out.

Snakes both absorb liquid and lose liquid through their skin. That means snakes will not slither over either of these solutions. By pouring white vinegar and ammonia around the pool, you are essentially drawing a line that snakes will not cross.

Have A Snake Problem? Call the Experts at Shumaker Animal Control

If you think you have a snake problem on your property, call the experts at Shumaker Animal Control to deal with the problem for you. Our experienced team will take care of the problem in a timely manner, ensuring that your home and pets are not in any danger.

At Shumaker Animal Control, we are a family-owned business who cares about the safety of you and your family but also about the well-being of the animals themselves. All of our trapping and control methods are humane, as we never try to hurt the angry or scared animal.

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